Texas, you still need to work on the rebranding.

The spirit of Steve Patterson lives on.

That’s one catchy slogan you got there, Corona.  And an even better game day promotion!

A “fun photo opportunity” with a chair?  Damn, that’ll keep fans from staying home to watch on TV.

Texas can still make a deal with a domestic brewer, too.  Maybe UT can have one of the Budweiser Clydesdales square off with Bevo.


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13 responses to “Texas, you still need to work on the rebranding.

  1. MGW

    “…proud to be a part of the legendary Longhorns lore…”

    Dear fans, due the the new licensing agreement just signed with Corona (a registered trademark of Groupo Modelo, Inc., all rights reserved), all of our treasured Longhorn history and traditions are officially, retroactively, brought to you by Corona!

    So from now on, lets show our appreciation for Corona, and acknowledge their indispensable contributions to our success over the ages!

    Its easy! For example, instead of saying, “We have 4 national titles!”, now just say “We have 4 national titles, brought to you by Corona!” or, always a fan favorite, “Vince Young deserved the Heisman, brought to you by Corona!”


  2. MGW

    Next thing you know they’ll be paying Ricky Williams to change his name to Corona Extra and demanding the record books be updated.


  3. Rampdawg

    Do people actually drink that stinking horse piss?


    • Cojones

      If you are speaking of Corona, I couldn’t agree more, but Mexico puts out some fine tasting beers that puts Bud and a few other big popular beers to shame. Pacifico is a favorite tasty brew as well as Carta Blanca (the layman’s beer of Mexico). One of the problems they had in the past was ageing after placing in American stores. Brewing in parts of the US and better delivery methods changed imports years ago such that you don’t run into many “green beer” problems nowadays.


  4. 86BONE

    It’s still 10-9 out here Senator…..time will forever stand still for this Bulldawg in Texas!

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    • Macallanlover

      A win is a win, so this isn’t a complaint, but that game was sooo painful to watch. It may be the ultimate poster child of UGA football for the Dooley years. Mostly wins, due to a strong defense and solid STs, but agonizingly boring offense and never a feeling of comfort.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Corona? For Texas? What sissies.


  6. Shane#1

    Some of Y’all are too snooty. Sitting on the deck at AJ’s in Destin with an ice cold Corona with a slice of lime could be quite refreshing. You add a good band and something cute and blond from lower Alabama, well,what better way to spend a hot summer afternoon? After a couple I was done with that crap, the Corona that is,the blond was a different story. Oh to be young again.


  7. 83Dawg

    It isn’t like there are any US mass-market beer brands but Yuengling (I will admit that the Boston Beer Company is an arguable, but one that I would argue [based on who controls their marketing and distribution], addition to that category).

    It is like the only mainstream (NOT market evaluation) US car company is Ford…


  8. Russ



  9. Nashville West

    Just remember to drink Corona responsibly (and often)…??


  10. Normaltown Mike

    Corona sux.

    Modelo Especial is the ONLY Mexican beer.


  11. Cojones

    Would think that Mizzou would be more interested to have Budweiser Clydesdales square off with Bevo, not Tennessee, Senator. The idea that Pearl and Lone Star alums, especially those from San Antonio where both breweries reside, could allow an official import as part of the the “storied history” of UT… the incongruity with the natural order of “Remember the Alamo” leaves me with my head shaking.