Now *THIS* is how to build a new rivalry.

With an epic troll.

I don’t say this often, but well played, Gators.


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16 responses to “Now *THIS* is how to build a new rivalry.

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t LSU offer to play the next day, etc. and was rejected at all turns by UF? At the time, it really did seem like UF was trying to avoid playing the game at all costs. Of course, the hurricane barely hit and did minimal damage, so I don’t know why UF was so upset afterwards over a storm that had hardly any impact whatsoever. UF basically acted like they suffered mass casualties yet LSU sat there laughing at their plight while giving no *****.

    With all that said, it was a nice troll on UF’s part. A petty one, mind you, but a good one nontheless. With that said, I hope LSU beats them 57-0.


    • ugafidelis

      I 100% agree with your last sentence. Something like this is only great if you win.


    • Brandon

      You are correct… because with the head to head loss against UT, if they didn’t play the game, they were basically assured to win the East, but if they played and lost, UT would have won the tiebreaker (Prior to UT’s meltdown against Vandy later in the year).


      • PTC DAWG

        Vandy wasn’t as bad as most thought last year…either that or UGA and UT just quit.


      • Mayor

        ^This. FU did everything humanly possible NOT to play that game. For the GayTurds to claim otherwise is the height of hypocrisy. F*** ’em. I hope LSU beats them 57-0 too.


    • Got Cowdog

      Geaux Tigers! The only reason to stop at 57 is when the whistle blows.

      Man I hope we pound those bleepholes this year. UT too. THAT will be significant improvement in our program to me.


    • Macallanlover

      Correct, I believe LSU even offered to play on Monday. They did every thing to make it happen in Gainesville, and the Gators did every thing to hide out. Sanky should have been asked to step down for intervening. The storm was never a risk to Gainesville, it was only the emergency workers that might have been asked to help elsewhere but even that was a slight risk. Storm missed the entire East coast of Florida and they are closer to the Gulf anyway. Might as well cancel if a tropical storm is in the gulf 400 miles away. Wussies, and that applies to the SEC “leadership” as well. Never let them sell this BS and go unchallenged.


      • 3rdandGrantham

        Now that I recall, the UG AD’s stance after that weekend was, ‘gee, I just don’t see how we can possibly play the game later in the year.’ It took Sankey’s involvement to finally force UF to the table to make it happen.


      • Spike

        Exactly! The storm was a long away from Hogtown. It would not have had an impact on the game. Florida tried to punk out. Sadly, they ended up winning the game.


    • Rugbydawg79

      Me Too !


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    “This rivalry has really taken off over the last year.”
    I guess when you started playing football in 1990, one year a rivalry doth maketh?


  3. Derek

    Herein lies an issue that fans can’t seem to get their heads around. The separtion of the school representatives and the members of the team.

    Did UF (the admin and fans) want to play LSU? No.

    Did UF (the members of the football team) want to play LSU? No doubt.

    By bleeding those lines LSU inadvertently motivated a team they otherwise would have beaten.


  4. dawgfan

    I’m jealous as hell. I wish we had a home game like that to look forward to this year.


    • jtp03

      Oh we can’t do that, do you know how many late October Wednesday and Thursday tee times would have to be cancelled?


  5. I went through that hurricane didn’t evacuate as I was told, imagine that, won’t do that again. UF as bad as I dislike them did the correct thing by not playing the game, the damage was was as bad as any hurricane I can remember since Dora in the Jacksonville area and we were lucky, it was much worse in other places. Senator, I agree with you, well played.


  6. Dawg in Championship Exile

    As I recall, the game was called several days ahead of the storm. Regardless of LSU overtures, no one knew what the impact would be or for how long. UF did the only thing that was reasonable. LSUs AD was/is the problem. He tries to use the Mantra of “Never let a good disaster go to waste”. Glad it backfired on him. Glad UF continues to get retribution on LSU.

    With that said, we better beat the gators into a…