You get what you pay for.

Georgia athletics, 15th in the final Directors’ Cup standings, 15th in total revenue and 16th in total expenses.

I’m sensing a pattern here.  A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of Butts-Mehre.

What, you were expecting Greg McGarity to be one of those great bang for the buck genius administrators, or something?


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    Closer to 13th than 16th….so that’s nice.


  2. No Axe To Grind

    As I recall, all the know-it-alls were saying McGarity was the best thing since sliced bread when he was hired. So much for the know-it-alls.


    • PTC DAWG

      I think most everyone had HIGHer hopes for him….seeing as he trained under a damn good AD in Gainesville…


    • Macallanlover

      Only those who worship at the knees of all things Gators. On what could they base excitement of the McGoofy the man? You do indeed get what you pay for. And continually hiring from within weakens the family. Get the best, and welcome new perspectives,


    • I’ll admit I thought he was a slam dunk hire when Red Panties was sent packing. He worked for the best in his profession for years but had never been the person in charge. He was a Georgia man who understood what a commitment to winning looked like. He sounds a lot like the guy he hired to lead the football program. Unfortunately, he has disappointed me at every turn including AJ-gate, drug testing athletes after spring break, the Gurley fiasco, his continued PR failures, his head coach hiring record, and finally the need to be called out by a redneck DC to get the CPJMIPF built.


  3. The Georgia Way

    Looking at expenses, once again we overachieved on both counts.

    And that’s yet another Bulldog Point of Pride!


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  4. Russ

    I’m sure there were toasts all around Butt Smear when those results came out. They drank the finest (free) boxed wine that Crown Distributing could provide.

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  5. When is the last time Stanford did not win this?


  6. jt (the other one)

    McGarity gots to go!


  7. 1984 Grad

    An bold AD, not McGarity for sure, would have at least asked Tom Herman’s agent what it would take for him to come to Athens? That’s on GM!

    The verdict will not be in on who he did hire, Kirby and company? They have attracted plenty of new talent to coach, now we shall see if they can coach?

    Better for him to make significant progress in coaching this year, but he should have another one unless we have a losing record.

    Either way, mark richt became stale in Athens, he is a great human and a good coach, thanks to 15 years at UGA. But the Yahoo!’s on this blog seem to believe he was invincible, which is stupid!

    Time to focus on the good things and hope Kirby learns how to be a head coach, because he cannot blame it on talent if we do not have a good year! But the immature Yahoo!’s need to take a deep breath, your not vested yet!

    If we gave CMR 15, we should at least be willing to let 2017 play out before calling Kirby a failure.


  8. No one here has called him a failure after 1 year. Many question the process that brought him here. He wasn’t one of my top 3 choices. The people who howled the loudest for change in the media and the fan base told us that the best candidates would line up to take this job if only we would show the courage to make a change. The problem is that everyone seemed to forget that’s not how the Georgia Way rolls.

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  9. Squatchdawg

    This shit is getting out of hand. Not just UGA but as a whole. I’m reaching a point where I’d like to take a step back and just be fan of college athletics….go to games ….and root for the Dawgs. I don’t want to be arguing with fellow fans about AD decisions after analyzing and comparing the financials of UGA against other SEC schools….or digging through stats to analyze the winning percentage of coach A over coach B when compared with recruiting rankings.

    I’m tired and this is supposed to be fun.