I love the smell of righteous indignation in the morning.

Kevin Scarbinsky’s all up in the grills of Auburn fans about their hypocrisy over transfers.  Why Auburn?  Um, well…

No doubt some of the same Auburn fans who applaud Gus Malzahn for blocking Antwaun Jackson’s ability to transfer to another SEC school, a school on this year’s schedule or Ohio State were thrilled when Mark Richt didn’t block Georgia safety Tray Matthews from moving to Auburn.

Matthews will be one of Auburn’s representatives this week at SEC Media Days.

Great story, bruh.  Except for one thing:  Mark Richt didn’t block Matthews’ transfer because there wasn’t a transfer to block.  Matthews was kicked off the team by Richt.


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7 responses to “I love the smell of righteous indignation in the morning.

  1. WarD Eagle

    Sarbinksy, LOL.

    Why would anyone read his trash?


  2. lakedawg

    Hopefully Trigga has turned things around, never imagined him being a rep for media days, course this is Auburn.


  3. The Dawg abides

    It’s pretty funny that Trigga’s “legacy” as a college football player will be made up of two moments off the field- getting his ass beat by Paris Bostick, getting dismissed for threatening a teacher in class; and by just two plays on the field- the tip against Auburn and playing leapfrog with Fournette.


  4. Mayor

    Even though CMR kicked Trigga Tray off the team I think he still could have blocked Trigga’s transfer to certain schools if he wanted to do that. But CMR doesn’t roll that way.


    • Gaskilldawg

      Mayor, how could Right have blocked his transfer? When Matthews decided to go to Auburn HE WAS NOT Georgia player subject to control by Georgia.

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    • Mayor, don’t know where you’re getting your information on that from, but at least in Matthews’ case, this is the way it was commonly reported:

      Due to his dismissal, Matthews can transfer to any school, but he would still have to sit out next season, then have three years of eligibility at his new school.


  5. 81Dog

    Forget it, he’s rolling. Let him go. 😉