“Again, it’s very debatable when you talk about that.”

As the SEC ponders the idea to come out of an NCAA working group that would make it easier for transfers to go to the school of their choice, you can almost hear Kirby Smart’s teeth grinding over the possibility.


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5 responses to ““Again, it’s very debatable when you talk about that.”

  1. Macallanlover

    I honestly don’t understand how any college football coach/fan could favor allowing unrestricted transfer for SAs, but I do feel the ability to restrict graduate transfers should be limited to teams that appear on a team’s schedule during that player’s eligibility. Keeping the one year period time off as is for undergraduate players seems a no-brainer, it would ruin the game. We have enough prima donna, flip-flopping BS during the recruiting process; don’t need to extend, and amplify it following every season they are in college.


    • Mac, I would agree with you if the scholarship were a 5-year binding agreement. It’s not, so I believe an SA (in good academic and behavior standing) should be able to transfer freely (I do think they should have to sit for a year). Regarding grad transfers, I don’t think there should be any restriction. The SA has met his/her commitment to the university and should be able to go to the school of their choice.


      • Mayor

        Totally agree with you on this ee. A student has completed his academic requirements and graduated. Why should the school have any further control over him?


    • Napoleon BonerFart

      I honestly don’t understand the need to subjugate teenagers “for the good of the game.” A coach leaving a program is many times more disruptive than a player leaving. Should we restrict coaches transferring? Should we allow coaches to leave, as long as it’s not to another conference school or a school on the schedule? If not, why should we demand more from the kids on a team than we do of the adults that supervise them?

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      • 69Dawg

        Because they can. There is nothing as hypocritical as the transfer policy and the schools trying to say it’s for the good of the kids. It’s BS and everybody knows it.

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