Amen to that

Nothing I can add to that.  Except were that to happen, I think that means Tray Matthews would never have played on the winner in this series, right?



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10 responses to “Amen to that

  1. Charlottedawg

    We gotta get Chubb wins against tech and Florida, too. GATA


  2. Timphd

    From his lips to God’s ears. Please, please please. And I agree with Charlottedawg, beat Tech and Florida and Tennessee too. Got to have Chubb go out with a great season to pay for his being a DGD. And Michel too.

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  3. I really like the Tray Matthews thought too.


  4. steve

    Auburn: The only place in the world where their goose shits and they think it’s a golden egg.

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    When we visit Tennessee this year I hope he runs for 4 TDS and throws for 2 more,,,,


    • Got Cowdog

      And returns 2 punts for TD’s, and I would accept a kickoff return for a TD as long as it was after a safety. 75-0 baby!


  6. Rugbydawg79

    Beat florida


  7. Let’s just hope Tray can say he helped in his fifth lose. .


  8. Dawg19

    Nobody who has played for Auburn has been the winner in this series.


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