Don’t bogart that drug policy.

Greg Sankey acknowledged yesterday that the concept of a uniform conference drug policy won’t die.

Sankey expects a uniform drug policy to make its way onto the agenda eventually.

As for when? That’s something he can’t predict.

“Part of my expectation is that will at some point be a conversation because we’ve had so much turnover in personnel that it’s now asked with more frequency in meetings,” said Sankey, who noted twice that changing personnel at universities could lead to that discussion. “And from a staff standpoint, we’re prepared for that conversation. As I mentioned, having a student athlete conduct working group, that may be an agenda item we assign there. I wouldn’t predict when other than it will be an agenda item at some point is my anticipation.”

It sounds to me like Georgia will keep pushing, in other words.  And from its perspective, why not?  If you take the harshest approach in the SEC, bringing every other school to your stance levels the playing field.  Which is exactly why it’s doomed.  Don’t take my word for that.


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  1. Mr. Conventional Wisdom, that was the most insightful tweet you’ve ever written.


  2. MDDawg

    What’s the SEC Commissioners role supposed to be? Should he be leading the charge on something like the drug policy or is he only supposed to act when the member schools want him to?

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    • Macallanlover

      Exactly right MD, this is the lack of leadership we were discussing recently. Does he have no authority/influence at all? He is just the trained monkey they trot out to announce the committees’ decision. Just like he stood by with his finger up his butt during the Gainesville non-hurricane event allowing Florida to make a fool out of him, and the conference. Seems over paid for what we are getting, but I suppose the Presidents and ADs like having a puppet.

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      • HVL Dawg

        This matter is not one of great importance to the commish and why should it be? Nick Saban doesn’t care. The public isn’t clamoring for a strict reefer policy and some idiot schools put themselves at a competitive disadvantage by acting like they are helping the kids.

        As someone who reports to a board of directors, on non important you learn how to count before you ask the group to go running in a new direction.


        • Minnesota Dawg

          Exactly, HLV. Perhaps we should look a little closer to home for lack of “leadership” on this subject.


        • Macallanlover

          This is actually about more than opinions on “reefer”. Included in the discussion are DUI and other arrest issues. I don’t get how anyone, from any school, can argue it should be handled differently among competing schools. One week away from a game with one another, one key player on each team gets a DUI, or arrested with violence involved, one walks onto the field and plays, the other is held out for 1-2 games. What possible sense does that make?

          Level the playing field, and obey the frigging laws for God’s sake. Our society is getting from holding bad behavior accountable, and we wonder why we see more of it. Damn. I am not worried for myself but totally concerned for all young folks in this country, specifically my children and grand children. I know others here get all weepy eyed about factoring in background issues from 10 to 200 years ago to excuse things but it isn’t working folks. It isn’t like we haven’t spent decades trying that philosophy, time to admit that hasn’t worked. Scholarship athletes are the most pampered people on campuses, imo, and they represent the school in a very public way.


  3. Walt

    I’m not sure there can ever be a level playing field with teams like Auburn and Tennessee in the conference.


  4. Will Trane

    Let the universities decide, along with their trustees and athletic boards.
    Heck, even a university is made up of colleges.
    Pro sports is entirely different than collegiate sports.
    Move on it is not that big of an issue…unless you are a whiner at UGA…because lately the whole athletic program there is going down hill…for the past decade…and nobody was caring or watching it happen.
    The only complaint I have about it is when an athlete is arrested, punished, and we never know who made the sell and their status.


  5. DawgPhan

    How the other ADs stop themselves from mocking Greg constantly at every meeting is beyond me. He has to be the dumbest in the group, and that is saying something.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Wasting time mocking him only puts the tee times at risk.

      After eight years of this, just let him say his piece and save the mocking for the golf course.


  6. Ubiquiotus GA Alum

    We should institute a variable drug policy @ UGA … We will meet the standard of the weekly opponent.


    • ugadawgguy

      I like it. It would match our visitors’ section ticket-pricing policy, which is easily my favorite athletic department decision in the last ten years.