Ripped from the pages of the UGA Media Guide

Now you may think this is a contradiction in terms…

While Smart described his first season as Georgia’s coach as “disappointing,” the first paragraph of Smart’s bio states that “after one season, he has not disappointed.”

… but that’s only because you lack perspective.

Sure, from Smart’s standpoint — and the fans’, for that matter — 2016 was not all it should have been on the field.  But from Butts-Mehre’s point of view, it was a huge year, largely because of what they were able to leverage from Smart’s honeymoon:  passage of a Open Records law that keeps a lid on information, #93K, increased ticket charges, the continuing health of the reserve fund while embarking on large scale capital projects, targeted fund raising opportunities, etc.

So, hells yeah, he hasn’t disappointed.  Them, anyway.


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11 responses to “Ripped from the pages of the UGA Media Guide

  1. Aladawg

    Just pisses me off. They need a reality check so bad.


  2. I read that and rolled my eyes. I wasn’t able to go to the tech game for a family commitment across the country, but I can’t imagine many wearing red and black walked out of Sanford that afternoon thinking, “Wow, Georgia football is back!”


    • Gaskilldawg

      I damn sure was not thinking that walking to my car. Then, I heard Dantzler and Butler tell me I paid premium Hartman Fund and season ticket money on what the UGAA knew to be “a throwaway year.”


      • I’m so glad I didn’t hear that live after the game. I lost all respect for Kevin Butler for insight into the program after not challenging Dantzler. I lost my remaining respect for Loran Smith later after his column about we’re just not on Vandy’s level right now.


  3. reality check here

    I hope we don’t end up like Tennessee after they fired Fulmer. And LSU has to be just as excited as we are now that Orgeron is on the job.

    I was always the top producer when I was working. Always. I am still amazed how much more criticism I got than the people who produced a fraction of what I did. A lot of people love to criticize success. It says a lot about them. My results were empirical.


  4. Chris

    I love how the Open Records law still sticks in your craw.

    Is this schadenfreude I’m experiencing?


  5. Ben

    Oh, he disappointed me a lot. From the way he handle the transfers to the way he treated the media. I don’t care if it’s a culture change. He hasn’t earned it yet, and if he’s anything less than 10 wins (and those wins better be over UF, the Barn, and Tech), I’ll b disappointed again, too.

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    Kirby better win big or Mcgoofy will be on the hot seat! What a joke for an AD


  7. 69Dawg

    Not to change the subject but this season is going to be fun to watch to see which coaches are kicked out of games. Bet Penn Waggers (sp) wishes he was back in the SEC but wait he is in the ACC so he can still kick Mark to the curb. Kirby will have to have two keep back coaches to survive. What’s the over and under on Kirby and Muschamp penalties this year?


    • Mayor

      Somehow I don’t think Wagers is going to f**k with CMR in the ACC. The last Auburn game he worked, when that Aubie LB earholed Aaron Murray with the top of his helmet on the last play and Wagers threw no flag (and later explained that Murray, while in the act of passing, was not a “helpless player”) is the very thing that got him fired from the SEC. I know for a fact that Jere Morehead was all over the SEC about that. The word is out on Wagers. If he does anything at all against Richt he’ll be out from the ACC, too and he knows it. The Miami people won’t put up with sh!t like the Georgia Administration did for so long.