Yeah, right.

I simply can’t imagine that, short of facing off in the CFP, Georgia would willingly agree to play this game.

Not that I wouldn’t love to hear someone interview McGarity about it.


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  1. I can imagine we would sell out our ticket allocation and buy up most of the U’s for this. Somebody just needs to give the AD the positive impact on the reserve fund.


  2. lakedawg

    Don’t know about that E, taking a glance at their board they are pretty excited about this year also.


    • Fans of the U haven’t been known to be willing to travel with the team unless the game is big. A Cap One / Citrus Bowl wouldn’t fit that bill.

      I understand they are very excited about their prospects this season.


      • HVL Dawg

        I don’t know if you realize both of those bowl games are located in Florida. But if the writer is correct that both teams could be 8-4, both fan bases will be royally pissed.


  3. paul

    It would be an epic opportunity for Georgia to get an intentional excessive celebration flag following the first touchdown. Everyone on the field!

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  4. Otto

    Talk about a must win for Smart. McG might do it if UGA is coming off another down year, to get a new coach in. Yes I am still of the opinion McG went with the hire that the wealthy would fund, not his guy.


  5. reality check here

    If Phil Steele is to be believed Miami will be rated much higher at the end of the year and Georgia may not step up to that bowl level.

    Miami improved under Richt last year to 9-4 and he has a track record of 2nd year improvement. Maybe Kirby will too, but at this point we just don’t know.

    Anybody else notice that Miami has the top rated recruiting class for 2018?

    Richt is much better off not having to report to McGarity.


  6. dawgman3000

    I truly believe that Dan Mullen is who he really wanted.


  7. Got Cowdog

    If this game happens, can you imagine the hits the Senator’s first post, post game, will get? Regardless of the outcome. You have to be licking your chops, Sir.


  8. 69Dawg

    I believe that McGoof would run naked down Broad Street if it paid enough so yea I think it would happen.