In a blow to every G-Day QBR troll…

Kirby drops the obvious hammer.

“Jacob Eason is our starter going into the season. Jake Fromm’s got to do something to beat him out,” Smart said on Tuesday at SEC Media Days. “Very similar to a lot of positions. You’ve got to beat them out. But we’re very excited about both of them. Including Brice [Ramsey] we have three talented players.”

It would have been borderline coaching malpractice to start a true freshman QB in back-to-back seasons.  Smart ain’t dumb.



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18 responses to “In a blow to every G-Day QBR troll…

  1. Dave

    Question for you, Bluto: Can we read into this any of the following?

    1) We “scrapped” last year because Lambert wouldn’t have been The Answer™ anyway, so let’s see where this Eason thing goes?

    2) Eason really has shown a greater command of the offense to the point where a true freshman could never beat him out.

    3) We need consistency at the QB position, and we also need to send a message to the team that Eason is the leader, and we have faith in him, so everybody relax and focus on doing your job.


    • I’m not sure they’re in the “let’s see where this Eason thing goes” phase anymore, but as to your 2 and 3, sure.


    • Dave, on #1, I think that’s exactly what Kirby did. I think he knew the team wasn’t ready in 2016, so get your young QB ready. Still doesn’t explain some of the losses that led to the “throwaway season” garbage. On #2, I hope like crazy that’s what it means. On #3, I think you are right on.


      • Dave

        I can’t see anything but a vast improvement for Eason. Just can’t. So, I too hope that point #2 is the prevailing reason for calling him the starting QB heading into fall, and that #3 is a fringe benefit.


        • Got Cowdog

          Putting myself in coach’s shoes regarding the (1) Eason situation:
          Let’s stop saying we “scrapped” a season. Let’s say we started a foundation. You aren’t going to redshirt him, and if he is anywhere near as good as projected he will only be there three years. (Hell I read somewhere yesterday they had him #1 pick in some mock draft or the other for ’19)
          Why not get him as much playing time as possible? I think Georgia was going to suck in ’16 no matter who the QB or Coach was. CKS knew it when he took the job. CMR knew it on his way out.

          2016 was the proverbial “Blind Dog in a Meathouse” season. They may win 8, they may win them all this year. Either way I think you will see a much more disciplined and focused product on the field. I think cohesion between staff and players will be markedly improved. I also think JE is going to light it up. Now excuse me while I go make another pitcher of Red Kool-Aid. Y’all have some, it’s not bad.


        • Bulldawg Bill

          Dave, Eason’s improvement is predicated on improvement from the OL. If the OL doesn’t then it’s going to be tough for Eason to.


          • justduncandonut

            I don’t agree, has very little blame for Eason’s performance, just get better at pre-read, find the right guy, look off the receiver, throw a catchable ball, and release it quick, do that and the oline is irrelevant.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    “Smart ain’t dumb.” Dayum, I am glad that is out of the way…officially.


  3. 69Dawg

    Interesting that the talking heads were giving Eason grief about him completing only 14% of his down field throws. The Alabama QB did say well he can’t throw them and catch them. Having watched every minute of every game multiple times, if it hadn’t been for McKinsey we would have been without any legitimate wide outs. Wide outs with no size, no ability to separate, and no hands make for a terrible QB. The Oline was awful and if the kid wasn’t tough he would have developed dancing feet like Fred F*ing Astaire.


    • justduncandonut

      wr’s are scapegoats. Eason has to look off the #1 read on a short pass play and scramble better and more often to buy time and create more space on long balls, also tends to throw it too hard, especially in the red zone. Also, needs to quickly outlet more to wide open Chubb and Sony as a key option if pressured, that will stop the pressure cold if he completes a few of those. The key to stopping pressure is complete balls when pressured, more than @30% like last year. Complete @70% when pressured and they won’t pressure. Good qb play can make the oline look great.


  4. Southernlawyer11

    When I worry about Eason’s overthrowing woes, it comforts me to think about the pass to Riley Ridley in the Tennessee game. I’ve never seen a throw like that in my freaking life…….And that is why hope springs eternal.


  5. justduncandonut

    Eason kind of locks in on receivers, doesn’t seem to understand his role in creating space for receivers, not all on receivers. Not all on oline, Eason needs to step us his pre-snap reads to identify the right guy and make decisions quicker. The Mizzou and UT game he showed poise, hope to see more of that this year, key is the above 2 keys.


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