Wednesday morning buffet

If it’s SEC Media Days, there are plenty of tidbits to sample:


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6 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Gaskilldawg

    I did not know until I read the Booch article that 90% of a coach sxpresses one point of view. I guess the remains 10% of a coach expresses one or more different views. I wonder which view the portion of a coach that includes the mouth expresses. Or maybe he means that a football coach talks out of both sides of his mouth.

    Good gracious he is the most inarticulate coach I have ever seen.


  2. paul

    Yeah, he’s a little tough on Orgeron but do you really think he’s wrong? I don’t. And when he says “these days, in the corporafied atmosphere of the SEC, the conference’s football coaches are about as tasteless as genetically modified food” I think he hits the nail on the head. I said pretty regularly over the last few years that we’d miss the OBC when he retired. The writers more so than any of us. They just don’t make coaches like Spurrier and Bobby Bowden anymore. I think the game suffers as a result.


    • Got Cowdog

      Maybe not. I had the opportunity to speak at length with a student assistant for UGA (who knows nothing about football) and her word to describe CKS was ” Intense”. We may be seeing the start of a sea change at UGA.


  3. Jared S.

    I know there are plenty who disagree with me, but boy do I love me some Gary Danielson!


  4. Mayor

    Ed Orgeron is simply LSU’s version of Kirby Smart.