Building a better quarterback

I really like this quote from Smart about Eason’s second-year development:

“I’m a big believer in completion percentage,” Smart said. “I think Jacob understands, and we’ve communicated throughout the spring, if he wants to change the win-loss record, we have to change the completion percentage and we have to allow him to make some easier throws, and he’s got to be more accurate doing so.”  [Emphasis added.]

That’s not making excuses by pointing fingers at flawed player execution.  That’s acknowledging that it’s the responsibility of two sides to make a player better.

Now, let’s see if both can contribute to that.



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16 responses to “Building a better quarterback

  1. Greg

    Good points…..That is a BIG part of the game (completion %/wins). They are both still learning, hope it all comes together.


  2. Jared S.

    I have great confidence in this upcoming season. The year-on-year continuity is going to pay huge dividends. The coaching staff, all the returning players enjoying a second pre-season in which they work more on building on what they all learned last year instead of starting from square one…

    Plus a drive to improve on last year’s woeful disappointments. And the juice that Sony and Chubb (and other senior leaders) will provide for morale and focus.

    I’m not predicting we even make it to the East. I think it will be too competitive. But I won’t be surprised if we win the East and actually compete in the SECCG. And I expect to finish with at least 10 wins. I think anything less than ten will be an even bigger disappointment than last year.

    Here’s to hoping I’m not crying because App State is within a touchdown with 2 minutes left in our first game.


  3. Granthams replacement

    OL protection and WR butterfingers the football we’re also factors in the low completion percentage last year.


    • There were a lot of drops and a lot of hurries. Then the 1 or 2 a game that Eason muffed up. Then there were a few epic passes that he is about the only QB in college that could make. That long out to Riley for example. Outs arent supposed to be that deep.


  4. 81Dog

    Easier throws doesn’t necessarily mean shorter throws. It includes “hitting the right guy who is wide open instead of forcing it somewhere the coverage is pretty tight.” The tv guys consistently pointed out situations where Eason just threw to the more covered guy (sometimes closer, sometimes further away) instead of the wide open one (sometimes so wide open he could have walked into the end zone). I get Eason was a freshman who was often running for his life, but I hope if the game slows down for him and the OL improves his protection, he matures enough to make better choices that way.

    I was impressed with his arm and his toughness last year. I have some hopes he can mature, preparation wise and reading the field wise. I want him to be more Matt Stafford (consistently improved game to game and year to year) and zero Quincy Carter (teased us with his enormous potential and talent as a freshman, never got one bit better the rest of his career)


  5. AusDawg85

    Assuming Chaney stays in the booth, it will be interesting to see the sideline dynamics for Eason, Kirby, the onfield OC staff and Eason getting to the phone on the bench to talk with Chaney.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    In this Hogbody’s humble, not vey knowledgable opinion, one big thing they’re looking for is ‘throwing the receiver open’ at which Aaron Murray and Eric Zeier were very skilled.


  7. Derek

    I think yards per attempt and td/int ratio are better indicators. However, I do see why you’d encourage a talented qb to check down. If everybody’s protecting the backend because of your arm, there’s gonna be room underneath. If you only go up top when it’s there and you hit the easy ones when it’s not, then you can push up toward the upper 60’s in completetion percentage. If your higher than that you’re not throwing deep often enough to make the run game go.


  8. paul

    Well, it seems like every single year we hear a lot about “utilizing the tight ends” regardless of who the coach is. We get all excited and then it almost never happens. So, as with everything this season, I will wait to see what happens on the field. I ain’t taking nobody’s word for nothing until I see it with my own eyes. Please, dear God, please let me see it with my own eyes.


  9. Soccerdawg

    I understand Eason is out in Athens all the time. I sincerely
    Hope he is also being a student of the game and working on film.


    • You are accusing him of being a student? I dont care if he is “out in athens” as long as he doesnt emerge from an alley, knows his middle name, and doesnt ride dirty.


  10. anon

    said it for months—he is too inaccurate.


  11. 69Dawg

    Shocked by a stat that the ESPN guys talked about during media days. Eason only completed 14% of his passes over 20 years. Last in the SEC.


    • After I posted that stat a few days ago about him completing more than 70% of his passes thrown within 2.5 seconds from the snap, you shouldn’t be.

      That’s what Kirby’s talking about when he says “allow him to make easier throws”.