Tight race for second place

Nick Saban said yesterday that he thinks “there’s a lot of parity in our league”.

If he doesn’t include Alabama, he’s right.



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8 responses to “Tight race for second place

  1. UGA85

    As good as Saban has been, why be defeatist about Bama? Dabo and Clemson have shown that he can be beaten. If Clemson can beat Bama, why not us? The other SEC teams need to quit quaking in their shoes, and instead look at Dabo and take a page from his playbook.


    • I agree, but I would say you better be ready to punch Bama in the mouth regardless of your style of play. Then prepare for a full 60 minute battle.


    • So, who else in the conference is on Alabama’s level this season?


      • UGA85

        Well, we have a very talented quarterback and a defense that can hold up. We don’t have the receivers that Clemson had last year. But I think we should be competitive with Bama this year if we make it to ATL. They have a new offensive coordinator, remember, and their own holes to fill.


        • Brandon

          Just have to learn to master that pick play without getting it called on you. Kind of like how Ole Miss has mastered how to get lineman downfield to fool the defense without it getting called


      • Macallanlover

        No one knows about this year, or any future year, but it is a good bet they will be at least slightly better than anyone….as they have been for the past four. But that doesn’t mean they cannot be beaten, they were a much better team than Clemson last year, and better than the Old Miss and A&M teams that beat them in league play the years before that. By any measure they have become the gold standard of not just the SEC but all of CFB. That doesn’t mean winning the East and getting down to a single, winner take all game in Atlanta is Mission Impossible. Huge task for sure, but I hope UGA doesn’t have a single player or coach who doesn’t believe they are capable.


  2. lostdawg3

    I’m not an idiot, things for both teams have gone in universal opposite directions since 2014 but the Dawgs are the last team to really put the wood On Clemens. I don’t know if our boys are scared of Bamer or Clemens but I hope we get to find out..


    • We absolutely took Clem’s Son behind the woodshed. If not for a late penalty, I think we would have dropped the proverbial half a hundred on them. The game was competitive, but you could tell in the 3rd quarter that we were taking over. By the 4th, the 600 level was empty.