“I didn’t even realize Kirby had done that.”

I don’t know if you heard about a great gesture Kirby announced a few days ago.

Kirby Smart just sort of slipped in at SEC Media Days this week what’s a fairly big deal to members of Georgia’s 1980 national championship team. That is, UGA is hosting a viewing party for them when the 2017 Bulldogs take on Notre Dame on Sept. 9.

“They’ll get to sit and watch that game if they’re not actually going to Notre Dame,” Smart said during his opening remarks Tuesday morning. “That will be an exciting venue for those guys to come back together and watch that game.”

There’s sort of a curious backstory, though.  For one thing, there were other wheels in motion on a reunion.

Actually, Smart kind of jumped the gun on Frank Ros, who in addition to being a starting inside linebacker on that undefeated, untied team of yore, also was a team captain and, as such, has since become de facto reunion organizer for the 1980 Bulldogs. He was the point man for the 10th, 20th, 25th, 30th and 35th reunions of the championship team, and he’s the point man for this event as well.

The reality, Ros said, is everything hasn’t quite been finalized just yet. On Thursday, he was still processing the data he’d gotten back from the survey he sent out to his 1980 teammates, and he said he has yet to have a formal discussion with UGA Athletic Director Greg McGarity about it.

As the article notes, Ros is a sharp guy, and, as someone who’s worked at Coca-Cola for a long while, familiar with how to get things moving in a corporate environment.  So you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t totally buy this proclamation of innocence:

But you don’t get to be vice president of Hispanic strategies for Coca-Cola International without being organized and self-motivated, as Ros is. And now that Smart threw it out there to several hundred media members attending SEC Media Days, it looks like it’s a go.

“I didn’t even realize Kirby had done that,” Ros, now retired, said with a laugh from his home in Kennesaw, an Atlanta suburb, on Thursday. “But I’ve gotten a good response so it looks like we’ll be able to finalize everything now.”  [Emphasis added.]

Pardon my skepticism, but I detect a whiff of clever maneuvering here.  It smells to me like Greg McGarity just got squeezed with a nifty power play engineered in part by his head football coach.  Whether that would be because the two were concerned McGarity might object (why, I don’t know), or simply wanted to sidestep bureaucratic nitpicking by the man who entangled himself with condoms in a contract negotiation, they’ve managed to arrange that the optics are now such that it would be near impossible to sidetrack what ought to be a neat get-together.

Makes you wonder what else Smart is capable of manipulating.  Unless it was a complete coincidence, of course.


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17 responses to ““I didn’t even realize Kirby had done that.”

  1. Granthams replacement

    Evil Kirby is smiling


  2. I wonder if 11 Alive will ask to have a crew at the CJPMIPF for the get-together since the game will be on their channel. You have to imagine they are going to go all out on their coverage that week leading up to the game since they never get to have Georgia on the local channel.


    • I read the article. Scott Woerner doesn’t have tickets. One of the guys who was one of the heroes that day in 1981 is going to South Bend without tickets. Come on, UGAAA … how can you possibly have the guy who made the defensive play at the end of the game outside Notre Dame Stadium the first time we’ve played them since?


  3. Stoopnagle

    The Lettermen’s Club just pulled a power play?


  4. Southernlawyer11

    (from the article) Hey Buck, how about you get the local Atlanta CBS affiliate to broadcast their postgame show on site from the indoor ? Offer a live feed to NBC for quick peeks during the game…….I’m sure they wouldn’t turn that down if for no other reason than to help fill their air time prep. It would also put more eyeballs on Buck’s local show and certainly couldn’t hurt the Dawgs to have a live look-in at their new indoor in what is going to be easily the most watched event of the week. Lots of 2018, 2019 teenage eyeballs……. [makes up for not playing in the Benz dome the week before and showcases your new crown jewel even during an away game].


  5. Faltering Memory

    When has ADGM put forth a leading edge idea, done anything to lead. The only way any football coach has gotten anything out of him is by putting him in a box.


    • Macallanlover

      That is some fine shooting right there, heart of the bulls eye. I don’t know just how great we will be in football for the 2017 season, but I know how bad our AD is, and he proves it every day.


  6. Cousin Eddie

    Kirby should have went ahead and stated it was going to be in the new recruiting suite in the West End Zone, but the restrooms would be locked and the vending would be done by the local boy scout troop just to get a laugh out of the “peasants” that attend the games.


  7. The Dawg abides

    I would like to see Ros come out of retirement and stay in Athens a little longer.


  8. Judge.

    Will condoms be furnished for the 1980 team’s viewing party?


  9. AusDawg85

    UGAAA could put the game on in Stanford, host the 1980 team reunion, let fans attend for free, sell stuff, make money, create goodwill, and make the national news.

    Or they could pop for a Chik-Fil-A party platter, a couple of TV’s and host a small reunion event in the Indoor practice facility. I think we all know which will happen.