The power of persistence

I’m not sure this qualifies as much of a scoop, but it’s certainly a great story relayed to me by a reader who’s been battling with UGA for several months about the new seatback policy.  You remember what that is, right?

… the policy also includes new rules about what sort of seat cushion you can carry into the stadium. Unfortunately, information emanating from the athletic department had been a bit unclear on just what that means.

On the official website, the initial announcement said: “Seat cushions — without arms or pockets — will still be permitted into the venues.” And, in the downloadable PDF linked to on the official site, it said the banned attributes included “arm rests and any large traditional seat cushions that have pockets, zippers, compartments or covers.”

However, in the latest Bulldog Monthly fan email, it said seat cushions must be “without arms, backs, or pockets.

So, are seat cushions with backs no longer allowed?

I put that question this week to Matt Brachowski, associate athletic director for event management, who clarified: “Seats with backs are no longer permitted.”

Welp, that didn’t sit well (see what I did there?) with our intrepid reader, who at one point offered to get a note from her doctor about needing a seat with a back if that would allow her to qualify for a waiver under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Apparently sarcasm works, because in response she received this assurance from someone with the Georgia Bulldog Club:

I just got word that we have slightly changed our policy on fans bringing in their own seatbacks.  Fans can now bring their own seatbacks in as long as they do not exceed 16 inches wide.  It still cannot have arms or pockets, but it can have a back. 

Woo hoo!  Savor that, friends.  On the surface, it may not sound like a whole lot, but that’s the first real concession from the athletic department I’ve seen to a legitimate concern from a regular ol’ Georgia football fan attending games in some time.  Take your victories where you can get them, people.

Man, if only I could talk her into starting a letter-writing campaign on Sanford Stadium bathrooms and concessions.  And tailgating… and… ah, I can dream, can’t I?


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15 responses to “The power of persistence

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    Why did they make that so complicated to begin with? If they simply would have said 16 inches wide from the outset, it would have avoided all of this. By the way, I personally love the policy — far too many lard a**es were bringing in these rediculous oversized contraptions in and taking up half your seat in the process.

    With that in mind, I think they should expand this new policy, in which anyone caught trying to sneak in anything over 16 inches will be publicly flogged at halftime at midfield as part of the half time entertainment.


  2. Chopdawg

    I’ve been renting the seatbacks thru the Athletic Dept for years, they’re my first line of defense against those on my row who would try to squeeze-into seats that weren’t theirs.

    With the seat pre-installed, at least I know I’ll have the exact 16″ I pay for at good ol’ Sanford.


  3. jtp03

    The good ol bulldog seatbacks. Full of mold and rainwater, faded, no numbers so people can’t find their seats, and generally uncomfortable.


  4. 69Dawg

    Senator you give the AD too much credit. The lady mentioned the American’s with Disabilities Act. This mention, coupled with the fact that the stadium and surrounding parking areas have about the worst accommodations of any facility I have ever been in, probably made the AD want to avoid any potential problem with the law.


    • CVegas Dawg

      This right here. The Athletic dept saw the potential for a lawsuit and backed off.


    • Gaskilldawg

      69, The UGA AA handles handicapped parking plan is for disabled patrons to park at Ramsey and ride a bus to Sanford.

      How accommodating (sarcasm)


  5. Billy Mumphrey

    If everyone used a seatback how many seats would Sanford lose? If you have ever sat in a row where the majority of people used a seatback but you did not, you probably know what it is like to sit in someone’s lap.


  6. reality check here

    Not exactly an isolated instance of arrogance and incompetence from the powers that be.


  7. saildawg

    This is a nice victory for common fans, saying that outloud is sad. I am going to measure my seatback when I get home!


  8. Lauren

    I’ve been a season ticket holder for 15 years (2017 will be season #16). I too complained all the way to the top – I guess I should have made the same threat (have back issues). The initial “cushion only” rule was just another way to force us to rent from them – because they don’t get enough $$ from donations and tickets. So glad to see this post, and my seatbacks are under 16″.


  9. The Georgia Way

    Rest assured, we are already in front of this. We are announcing that those who purchased the premium ‘MVP Seat’ from us will instead receive the fully-compliant standard UGA seatback for the 2017 season at no extra charge.

    This is yet another fan-friendly initiative from The Georgia Way and is yet another Bulldog Point of Pride!