Man that zone!

If you’d like to be a little more knowledgeable any time you see one of those zone blocking versus man blocking discussions pop up in the comments section on occasion, you ought to spend a few minutes reading this post over at Roll ‘Bama Roll.  It’s an excellent primer on the subject.

See if this part about man blocking registers with you, based on Georgia last season:

Great stuff. You may notice that in all of the above plays, there is zero hesitation by the running back. His job is to get the ball into the designated hole as quickly as possible. This is one of the pros of man blocking: your running back doesn’t need great vision, as power and burst will suffice. This type of scheme also tends to instill something of a mean streak in your offensive line since their job is simply to blow people off the ball in an assigned direction, and the play action pass works especially well since linebackers and box safeties have little time to react in the run game.

On the flip side, this scheme requires your offensive linemen to be able to win their one-on-one battles and requires some creative play-calling lest it become too predictable. Also, since the offensive linemen are firing out to the second level on run plays and thus have to know whether a play is a run or pass, it greatly limits the use of RPOs. Lastly, the defense can guess at the playcalls based on formation and, if correct, create negative plays by overwhelming the offense’s numbers in the gap.

Pretty much checks all the boxes, doesn’t it?

That point about RPOs is especially worth pondering.  If Smart and Chaney do in fact land Justin Fields in next year’s class, there’s a little more involved in retooling the offense to take advantage of Fields’ complete skill set than simply telling him to take the ball and run.


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8 responses to “Man that zone!

  1. Bigshot

    And that is exactly why Justin Fields will not be giving his services to UGA.


    • Macallanlover

      I am not going to be that absolute about it because there has been a tremendous amount of smoke around it since his de-commitment from State Penn. I am with you that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me with two five star QBs on campus 1-2 years ahead of him, and our OC, who is not regarded as the most creative person on the planet, already set with a non Fields-like play book. Why would he select Georgia when FSU, FU, and AU all seem to need him more and have QBs that are closer to moving out of his way?

      I am hoping he chooses FSU so we don’t have to face him if he turns out to be as effective as many project. (I also will not think the sky is falling if he doesn’t choose UGA like many of the recruitniks…the same one who felt UGA’s football life ended earlier when Trevor Lawrence chose Clemson. Now these same drama queens feel another QB, in the same same and class is the “new Savior”, as if there won’t be another one within the next year, and the one after that. Just pleased we have two talented guys on campus this season, surely one can get us to Atlanta…and I don’t care which one does it.


      • UGA85

        I can’t speak for others, but for me there is a sensitivity about losing smart, athletic, in state quarterbacks to other programs. So many talented Georgia athletes who didn’t “fit” our offense have fit others too well, IMO. So, call me a drama queen if you will, but I would love to see Fields at UGA, not FSU.


        • Macallanlover

          I would love to see him, and all other top rated athletes at UGA also. Let’s not confuse what we want and the thinking that one athlete will determine our future. Those are the drama quees I refer to, if you are one, so be it. But if you read the recruiting boards you know the 40 or 50 people who feel the world begins/ends the decisions of a handful of 18 year olds who haven’t played their last season of HS football yet. Recruiting is damned important but these folks with the perspective of a 10 year old are pathetic. I think Fields can help lift any of the schools he is considering, but the others not selected will be tough outs regardless.


    • Derek

      I don’t think we’re looking to go to man blocking exclusively. I think we just want to be equally competent at both types. That flexibity allows you to adapt to the playmakers you have rather than the other way around.

      Count me as thinking we’ve got a good shot at Fields. He has Eason around for his true freshman year and then he fights with a junior to be in Fromm over the job in the spring of 19 and he’s got the top two wr’s in country with him.


  2. HamDawg11

    Fields = Watson. We will regret missing on him.


  3. Captain Obvious

    whoever wrote that article doesn’t know jack shit


  4. dawgman3000

    Even if we get Fields, at this point in his tenure, im not confident in Cheney’s ability to use his talent effectively IMO.