“Will somebody at least say we exist? That would be nice, I guess.”

Dude, if, for no other reason than 1980, the Gators didn’t exist, we’d have to invent them.



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18 responses to ““Will somebody at least say we exist? That would be nice, I guess.”

  1. Got Cowdog

    They have a point. What are we, 5-21 against them in last 26? I have no idea why pundits continually pick us to win the East on that alone.

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  2. Macallanlover

    Pretty silly to mistake a prediction of how teams that don’t exist yet, will do in a future season as disrespect for what a team that no longer exists did last year. That team is credited with winning the SEC East, no one is suggesting they didn’t earn it, or even cheated. 2016 FU looked better than 2016….golf clap. We start 2017 even and some think, by a small number of votes, that UGA will prevail in 2017….so?

    I respect what McElwain has accomplished the last two seasons without a decent QB, makes me think he will be tough if he solves that riddle this season, and he may. But does this line of thinking assume I should bow to Gainesville and shake in my boots? Totally stupid how some players/fans act when thinking their team deserves to be worshiped or feared. Screw the insecure little turds! See you in Jacksonville.


    • Macallanlover

      Oops, 2016 FU looked better than UGA 2016.


      • Rugbydawg79

        Beat florida


        • Macallanlover

          You are on a crusade my friend. Should happen this year, but there have been times like this before that didn’t work out. We have the talent, maybe these young pups will have what it takes to get this series back in hand again. 3 out of four sounds about right for a strong class of freshmen.


  3. UGA85

    McElwain has done a good job, no doubt, but he has just continued what UF coaches have been doing, Muschamp excepted, since Spurrier, as far as UGA is concerned. Florida presently may be the third best team in their own state. But that means nothing unless we actually beat them.


    • Got Cowdog

      That is my point. I feel the same way about Tennessee. Auburn is a toss up and usually a good game, tech has had a couple of good years while we are in-flux. I don’t see that continuing. Someone said it yesterday, the talent gap between Alabama and everyone else won’t close overnight. But, what’s the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time. I think we will have the juice to win the games we are supposed to (Vandy, UK, tech, assorted cupcakes), it remains to be seen if we can compete with the others.Let’s get solid enough to turn the UF-UT trend around, then go slay the giant.


      • 1smartdude

        You know what I’d like? I’d like to watch a full season of Georgia football where I wasn’t embarrassed by the play or play calling on the field. While we won some games last year, there was only a couple of games that left me feeling semi-satisfied with the way we looked. I can even stomach a loss( if it’s against top talent) if we just look the part. Sadly, I don’t remember us looking the part since the SEC title game. Even then we gave up 300 yards on the ground, which should NEVER happen here but at least we could feel a little pride in the way we played…..discounting the judgement in the last few seconds.


  4. Dave

    Sigh. Here come the “show me” and “let’s see it on the field” comments.

    You’re telling me that these predictions don’t actually having any bearing on who wins the East? Pshaw.

    It’s a bunch of media folks who got together for “days” and at the end took a look at rosters, schedules, etc. and said, “based on all that, I would think Georgia has the best chance to win.”

    I guarantee if you asked everybody who voted for Georgia to win the East, at least 95% of them would tell you they wouldn’t be at all shocked if Florida ended up winning it.


    • Macallanlover

      When you use the word “shocked”, you can eliminate all talking heads and casual fans, exactly no one would be shocke. But these guys put their “professional” opinions and credibility on the line with their public opinions. I think most genuinely feel UGA has the best chance as we all sit here in July and take our best guess. What I am saying is it would have been just as easy to pick Florida, they chose UGA for a reason (s), and it is not hard to see why. UGA returns a boatload of talent, the staff is in their second year, and the schedule isn’t daunting when you look at the match ups. I am “surprised”, not “shocked” that the gap between UGA and FU was that close, and I also would not be shocked if FU wins the East. But we have to fail pretty badly for that to occur, imo.


  5. Rampdawg

    It’s time to lay half a hundred on the belly draggers.


  6. Will Trane

    Mark Richt
    Get the picture
    CMR’s record against Gators during that span.
    Then check FSU record vs Gators when CMR was OC
    CMR had to deal with the B-M culture of Tarkenton and other metro wine and cheese.
    Not in nearby Tallahassee…no way…hello Bobby Bowden.
    Now toss in the current AD at UGA.


  7. Will Trane

    The trouble with UGA athletics.
    In the shadow and culture of metro Atlanta wine and cheese culture. Stuck in the past re sports and coaches.
    Heck even both of those teams from Tennessee beat us last year. In fact Vandy has better men’s program in football, baseball, and basketball than Georgia. Some think the culture in Nashville is better than Athens and Atlanta. Think not, then go back and look at the ’17 Stanley Cup final, and folks supported that team.
    At some point in time the B-M complex has to come to some realization you have to create a culture where the Dawgs are champs. Not one year in one sports, separated by subpar play in the rest for decades. Your teams have to look, act, and play like a legit consistent champ.
    Has never been done in Athens.
    But why in Bama or Florida or even Ohio.
    Are they afraid. Or incompetent. Lately, the latter seems more like it. You really have to question the AD, University, and Athletic Board. That is where these issues lie.


    • Mayor

      Will, if you are saying that what we are seeing on the field (in all sports–not just football) are symptoms of a bigger, more insidious problem within the University–particularly inside B-M–I couldn’t agree more. Until we fix that we are all pissing into the wind.


  8. FU, FU. And your horse.


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