“People are concerned about the time.”

But, as usual, not concerned enough to question the amount of time devoted to commercial breaks.


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  1. Russ

    As usual, the comments to the article are depressing. Everyone (except one guy) has ideas for shortening the actual game. Only one person suggested cutting commercials and he was ignored.

    I’d like to see them go to the soccer formula where commercials run during the game, and then bunch them up at half time. I’d even put up with sponsoring various parts of the game (like they’re already doing) if it means the flow of the game continues.


  2. Silver Britches

    They can also stop composing/interpreting rules in a way that makes it impossible to play defense. That would speed the game up too.

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  3. Bright Idea

    So Division II and III games run under 3 hours but they’re asking why D1 games run so long? Why not just admit they are whores to TV and quit discussing this every year? They will ultimately change the timing rules like not stopping the clock after a every first down rather than just admitting that TV dictates the length of the games and like it or not they can’t afford to change it.



    We wait 9 months for football, then folks bitch about the length of games. Color me confused.


    • Otto

      Some truth there, I do gripe about seeing the same 3 commercials every 7 minutes.

      However, that is why I often have a 2nd screen streaming another game and mute buttons handy.


    • Have you been to a game in the last 5 years? The guy with the red hat is on the field for TV timeouts as much as the players. Every dead ball/change of possession seems to result in commercials.


    • Uh, the actual amount of football watched does not change. If you think being able to go take a dump, fix a sandwich, take the dog for a walk, pick up a six pack and come back to watch the game after a touchback counts as “more football” – I kindly submit you learn about “60 minutes of game time”.


  5. paul

    Commercials are one of the few things more distasteful than cupcake games. At home, at least I can channel surf. In the stadium I can what? Listen to excruciatingly loud, crappy, piped in music? Go waste twenty minutes buying a lukewarm coke from a volunteer? It’s just another reason to stay home.


  6. John Denver is full of shit...

    1 wish:
    Don’t screw with the tempo or momentum after turnover/big play, if a time out is called due to said play, short-short version of commercial only.



  7. Derek

    Nobody who is watching the game and cares about its outcome is sitting there thinking: this is taking too long.

    That said those folks who leave early to beat the traffic probably do.


    • When I’m at the game and there is a lot of standing around (particularly after a big play) due to commercial break, I admittedly thinking “this is taking too long”. Just damages the flow of the game IMHO.


      • Derek

        Absolutely I hate the length of the commercial breaks. I responding to the constant drum beat of shortening the game by means other than eliminating commercial breaks.

        I wonder if some enterprising person could figure out how to do commercial free PPV broadcasts and make more money than they can on beer commercials?


    • I care about the outcome of our games.
      I routinely say the time after change of possession takes too long.
      Furthermore, in a league concerned with safety, letting players get hot/cold so frequently is not safe.

      Now, do you doubt my sincerity that I care about the outcome of the game? Or do you just own stock in AFLAC?


  8. kevin fogarty

    It wouldn’t necessary shorten the game but possibly keep the flow going is to reroute the commercials to end of quarter(s). Instead of every commercial break during a quarter lasting 2-3 minutes, let it be 1 minute and then at the end of the quarter have a 4-5 minute commercial break. It would also allow some people a bathroom break without missing as much action, etc. Just a thought.


  9. 69Dawg

    The Golden Rule people, “Them that has the Gold makes the Rules”. ESPN/CBS/Fox has the gold, NCAA just dances to their tune.


  10. They will never switch to having just commercials between quarters and at the half. They know that no one will be in front of the TV during those times anyway.


  11. Debby Balcer

    I don’t mind anything that happens on the field. The problem is when the guy with the red hat is on the field. It disrupts momentum. Commercial breaks are what make games take too long.


  12. BA Baracus

    The optimal quote from that article is this:

    “Sankey, for his part, wasn’t troubled so much by the 3:24 average of games last season as he was by the 30- to 40-percent variance in time.”

    Mickey wants a consistent programming window.


  13. The only way to hit back is my way:

    Record the game.

    Watch later.

    FF through all commercial breaks and other idiotic shit.

    Don’t fall prey to the false myth that watching sports non-live is lame. It is actually better. Tons better.