So much for booster pride.

And so much for anonymous charitable contributions:

Ole Miss has been ordered to release copies of its notice of allegations and amended notice of allegations without the booster names redacted after the Mississippi Ethics Commission delivered its final order on the matter Friday.

Per a copy of the final order obtained by The Clarion-Ledger, Chris Graham, the ethics commission’s hearing officer, ordered the university to “produce a copy of the notice of allegations and amended notice of allegations redacted as necessary to fully comply with federal education privacy laws or any other statutes or case law, but that any booster names shall not be redacted solely due to right of privacy.”

Man, you’re an Ole Miss booster, you’ve worked tirelessly to make sure that young men are properly compensated as they try to better themselves through the college experience and you’re selfless enough that you don’t want any credit for it — okay, you don’t want any public credit for it — and this is the thanks you get?  Who are the jerks that won’t let you stay in the background, anyway?

Meet the Mississippi versions of Pork Rind Jimmy.

The final order was spurred by consolidated public records complaints from Steve Robertson, a Mississippi State beat writer for Gene’s Page, and James Hendrix, who manages the Jackson Jambalaya blog.

The university did not intend to release boosters’ names in its 2016 notice of allegations, which it received in January of that year. Ole Miss cited privacy laws as its reason for redaction.

I sure hope they make a movie out of this one day.  It would make a fabulous bookend with Hugh Freeze’s other memorable movie moment, The Blind Side.



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5 responses to “So much for booster pride.

  1. Russ

    I’d love to see the roaches scurrying from the light.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    No creativity in Mississippi.

    Next time, perhaps they can deliver the cash through a church, casino, bank ‘refinancing’, or a team chaplain’s outreach program.



  3. 69Dawg

    I’m still not sure the NCAA will increase their self imposed penalties. The University of Miami method of dealing with the NCAA seems to be the way to go. Sue the shit out of them.


  4. Dog in Fla

    “booster names shall not be redacted solely due to right of privacy.”


  5. 81Dog

    they could call it “Hear No Evil, See No Evil”….

    By the way, I actually know the guy who played Freeze in the Blind Side; he used to play basketball at the Decatur Y 20 plus years ago, saw him all the time. So I am one degree of separation from getting smacked on the ass by Sandra Bulloch. So near, and yet, so far…..