The hottest of hot takes on the Freeze fallout

Everything in the SEC always comes back to one man.


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14 responses to “The hottest of hot takes on the Freeze fallout

  1. DawgByte

    Kirby should hire Hugh… that’s not the “Georgia Way”, but if Smart wants to take a solid recruiting team to the Bama/OSU level, then hire Freeze. Just put him on a short leash. You know Saban is mulling it over as we speak!


    • The other Doug



      • DawgByte

        Okay, scratch that recommendation. I just read why Freeze resigned. Holy shit, you’ve got to be kidding me. Calling escort services on a school provided cell phone!!! Really??? How stupid can you possibly be??? No UGA does NOT need that imbecile!


    • Kirby should hire Hugh… that’s not the “Georgia Way”…

      Understatement of the day


    • Brandon

      Yeah, let’s go get Auburn’s bag man too while we’re at it. And maybe the guy from Louisville who paid for escorts for his recruits… so what it was basketball… Crootin’ baby!


    • southernlawyer11

      I would be 100% on board with Freeze as offensive coordinator. The man has put up crazy numbers without a legitimate running back and a line that had 1 bell cow but was run of the mill across the board after that. And it’s not like he didn’t yearn for a good back if you followed them at all in the media……he just realized his weakness and schemed around it. Pretty well I think.


      • Trbodawg

        This was my initial thought as well. Bring him in as an “offensive consultant,” ready to take over if/when necessary. a la Kiffen/Sarkisian


  2. Godawg

    “vice grip” now that’s funny.