Today, in why we need the media

As far as Dan Wolken’s advice goes about coach-worship, I can take it or leave it, because that’s not the world we live in, but his think-piece is totally worth reading just to find this out:

Whatever Freeze was doing to make enemies across the Southeast, it was often hard to distinguish what rival coaches saw as the greater transgression — the program’s loose relationship with the NCAA rulebook or his in-your-face piety.

Coaches who recruited against Freeze didn’t merely roll their eyes at him, and they certainly didn’t laugh, except when it came to the nickname a few called him behind his back: Jimmy Swag.

Jimmy Swag is an awesome enough tag that I wish its creator would step forward and claim every accolade due him.


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  1. Because these glorified PE teachers are the faces of our universities (and in some cases, our states), we project our love for our alma maters and states through them. We need to remember they coach a game played with 85 18-23 year olds and they’re as we all are. The problem is that Freeze, Paterno, etc. were hypocrites of the highest order, and their fan bases didn’t care.


  2. sniffer

    Do we take that to mean it was known that he had these proclivities?


    • Listened to Wolken on Sirius XM interview on Friday morning. Wolken was a reporter in Memphis when Freeze was a hs coach there and his reputation then was a guy who talked the talk but didn’t necessarily walk the walk. Some of the Ole Miss insiders on the same program insinuated that Freeze’s extracurricular activities had been rumored for a long time in Oxford.


  3. 69Dawg

    How about he was an arrogant SOB that thought he could get away with buying players. If you want scripture try this one “Pride goes before a fall”, that sound you hear is Freeze bouncing after the fall. By the way Jimmy Swaggert (sp) at least asked for forgiveness, so far Freeze has not as far as I know.

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  4. Ben

    I read that to my wife, and she said, “That sounds like something Mark Richt would come up with, like it’s the meanest thing he could say about someone.”


  5. Bright Idea

    Not just coaches, but preachers, teachers, lawyers, judges, politicians, entertainers, etc. They’re just like us, people, not Gods.


  6. ASEF

    Except too many in the media fall into the same trap Hugh did – believing their own BS. It’s really kind of chilling to think how relevant Plato’s Phaedrus remains 2500 years later.


  7. Captain Obvious

    Kornheiser said it.


  8. memphisdawg

    I grew up in Memphis in the era of Hugh Freeze the high school coach. Lots of friends at Briarcrest…. most of them thought Hugh was basically a full of **** sleaze ball. The ones who didn’t were usually his star players or their parents (vested interest i guess). Everyone in Memphis kinda secretly laughs at the Tuohy family behind their back. The dad Sean is a good enough regular dude, but the mom (played by sandra bullock) is a publicity addict. DYK: when Michael Oher was adopted, mom and daughter lived in a hotel for like 2 weeks… it wasn’t as saintly as depicted from what i understand. Oh, and they had to film the whole thing at Pace in Atlanta because Briarcrest isn’t 1/4th that nice. This whole damn thing started and ended as a charade.


  9. paul

    I move that Jimmy Swag be entered into the Lexicon immediately. Brilliant! And hilarious.