We’re getting closer.

While we’re on the subject of broadcasting, here’s the television schedule for the SEC’s first three weeks of action.  (Times listed there are Central, since it’s Al.com.)  A few random thoughts:

  • Sure would be nice to have an elaborate tailgate set up on Sept. 2, that’s for sure.
  • A game on every day of Labor Day weekend?  Thank you, college football — even for meteor games.  (I’m looking at you, 9/4.)
  • TAMU is playing Nicholls.  I have a feeling it won’t be a pretty comparison for Georgia fans.
  • And Mike Bobo travels to Tuscaloosa.  I’d wish him luck, but I doubt luck’s gonna have much to do with the outcome.


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4 responses to “We’re getting closer.

  1. FisheriesDawg

    Not at all a likely outcome, but if ever there was a chance for Mike Bobo to make the case for himself as Smart’s successor should Smart falter, this would be it.

    Of course, Georgia would have to absolutely collapse for Smart to be shown the door after year 2, and Bobo won’t be at CSU in 2018 if he manages to win in Tuscaloosa.


  2. steve

    Unless Bobo shits in the scout master’s sleeping bag he will likely end up in Columbia, SC. Boom behaves erratically, almost like an early chronic traumatic encephalopathy case. Also, how many successors-to-legends actually equal or exceed their predecessors reputation (that applies only to job definitions not Petrino’s motorcycle tricks that clearly exceeded Charlie Strong’s)? Pity the poor coach who has to follow Saban (assuming the NCAA dogs haven’t pulled the laundry off the Alabama clothes line). Anyway, its always a case of expectations divided by reality and being as close to 1 as possible.
    That applies even in Cockland where FB expectations should be as low as expecting my wife to say…. ‘honey, I really don’t need another diamond…why don’t you just save that 25K or buy another tractor?’….Very low expectations for that to happen. Nonetheless, Boom likely will be history about the same time Bobo wants to reenter the SEC. An even scarier thought is Bobo in urnge.


  3. Dawg Vegas

    That 9/04 game… I don’t know what to do about that. Can’t have PJ beat another SEC team. But I sure do hate Tennessee.

    Gotta give credit to AU for playing at Clemson, but Mercer? I don’t think I knew they played football. Hoops? Sure. My bad memory I suppose.

    The Gators at Michigan us another tough one. I mean yeas, when Florida loses it’s a victory for America, but Harbaugh mitigates that, slightly. I’ll just hold my nose and pull for Michigan. Ugh