Booch muscles up.

When you’re an SEC football coach on the hot seat, there’s only one man you can turn to.


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6 responses to “Booch muscles up.

  1. Heyberto

    I thought it was gonna be this guy –


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    If you have two head coaches…or one head coach and one former head coach who is sorta, kinda overseeing the head coach…do you have, as in quarterbacks, no head coach?


  3. The next 4 months could be fun to watch in Knoxville especially if they were to lose to tech and Florida in September and Georgia and Alabama in October. That may be the only reason to hope tech wins a game this year.


  4. Mayor

    I’ve never seen Jimmy Sexton in person so I don’t know how muscular he is. I have seen Trace Armstrong (the name fits). Jimmy will have a way to go to outmuscle Trace.