“Frankly, you’ve now got us wondering what you’re trying to hide.”

Houston Nutt’s lawyer wants to go through Hugh Freeze’s phone records.

Ole Miss notified Houston Nutt’s lawyer that producing those records would cost a mere twenty-five grand.  (I guess the working theory is if Hugh had to pay for escorts, make the Nuttster pay for the escorts’ numbers.)

Houston Nutt’s lawyer responded and made sure the media knew all about it.

In the correspondence, Jolly claims Mars’ record requests of Freeze’s phone logs from would cost Mars $25,100. The university contended it would need to use outside counsel to go through the calls.

“Considering the scope of your request, the need for redacting exempt information, the fact we are in active litigation with your client, and the number of recent public records requests received by UM, outside counsel will be engaged to assist in handling this request,” Jolly allegedly wrote. “Based on the preceding reasons, please consider this email notification that UM is unable to provide the requested documents within seven working days from the receipt of your 7/18/2017 request.”

Mars was irritated with Ole Miss’ position on his request.

“Since you did not identify a single exemption or legal authority to justify your position, I spent the last two days considering how the list of vague reasons you offered for requiring a full legal review of the phone logs, denying me access to them in the meantime, redacting them, and charging me for an unnecessary and meaningless legal review might possibly be justified under the Public Records Act or by some other Mississippi legal authority,” Mars wrote. “I could find absolutely no legal basis for you to rely on an exemption to delay producing the phone logs, redacting them, or making a ransom demand for the phone logs of between $25,000 and $50,000.”

In his back-and-forth with Ole Miss, Mars also included three legal authorities in order to support his position. He also requested the university present him by Monday afternoon with the statutory exemption it relies on to withhold the phone logs.

“Unless you can provide persuasive authority for your position, or reconsider your position before then, you can count on me taking you to court,” Mars wrote. “If it’s going to take a Mississippi judge to make Ole Miss comply with the Public Records Act, so be it.”

(As an aside, seven working days to produce?  Greg McGarity makes a “pffftt” sound in Ole Miss’ general direction.)

This Mars dude isn’t taking prisoners.  Some advice for Ole Miss here:  like seemingly every athletic department out there, PR isn’t your strong suit, so giving this guy public ammo at every turn probably isn’t going to be a winning strategy.  It’s highly entertaining, though; I’ll give you that.


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9 responses to ““Frankly, you’ve now got us wondering what you’re trying to hide.”

  1. Spike

    They better be ordered to mediation. ASAP..


  2. Its a little early to ask for the popcorn, so I’ll go grab a bowl of cereal and watch this meltdown of epic proportions with glee.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    A Jan Kemp moment happening to somebody else…yahoo.


    • TimberRidgeDawg

      “We may not make a university student out of him, but if we can teach him to read and write, maybe he can work at the post office rather than as a garbageman when he gets through with his athletic career.”
      -O. Hale Almand Jr.

      That one may be hard to top but Ole Miss is looking like they’re going to make a strong run at.


  4. HVL Dawg

    Now, Kirby’s law doesn’t look so chickenshit anymore.


  5. James Stephenson

    You had to know there was more to hide. One phone call to an escort service does not get one to resign. He could have fought long and hard about it being an accident. So there is more there and the sharks are smelling blood.


    • Mayor

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Freeze had the escort service on speed dial on his personal cell and he was “hooking up” (pun intended) recruits with “escorts” as part of recruiting. THAT’S what Freeze is hiding IMHO.


  6. SemperFiDawg

    The entire PR from the beginning has been a dumpster fire. Ole Miss isn’t throwing gas on it at this point to protect Freeze. He’s gone. Someone else at the helm is pumping the gas now to either protect themselves or the university. Mars is right. They’re attempting to hide something and whatever it is, someone thinks the firestorm is the lesser of the two evils.


    • ASEF

      And they are always wrong. Ir always end up being firestorm plus the exposure of whatever they are trying to hide.

      They always thinks it’s “firestorm or exposure.” In reality, the decision is “exposure or exposure + cover up.”

      The only way this is a smart decision is if someone is buying time while someone else is buying people off.