The final word on this year’s G-Day QBR

Kirby Smart’s perspective:

Georgia has eight returning starters on offense, including sophomore quarterback Jacob Eason, who Smart clearly has stated heads a depth chart that includes touted freshman Jake Fromm.

“We’ll continue down the road that we went through this spring,” said Smart, who was a recent guest of “Press Row” on Chattanooga’s ESPN 105.1 FM. “Both of those guys got reps, with Jacob working with the ones primarily. He had a lot of success moving the ball. Jake Fromm did a good job with the twos, and the good news is we’re going to find out more about Jake, because he is going to be playing against a better No. 2 defense.

“We had no scholarship DBs at the (second-team) corners in the spring after Mecole Hardman moved over to receiver. Now Jake will be going up against four or five really good freshmen in the secondary who should create a better competition there. We’ll see how Jake does with that.”

Considering that he was only a couple of months out of high school, I liked what I saw from Fromm in the D-Day game.  But he probably felt pretty comfortable against the opposition that day.

For example, dial this clip up to the 21-minute mark and watch Fromm’s touchdown pass to Simmons.

The announcer is as surprised as anyone that a ball he characterizes as something that Fromm “just threw it up” winds up being a long score.  The point is that against a competent SEC defensive back, it never would have been.  And against an above-average defender, it would have been picked off.



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9 responses to “The final word on this year’s G-Day QBR

  1. Greg

    Oh, I’ve seen some bad ones from Eason also….it happens. I am sure…or at least I feel like Fromm learned from that. Thinks he will continue to learn and push Eason. I know that Eason is #1 and have no problem with it, but I hope to see Fromm get some playing time, he is gonna be a good one imo.


  2. Red Cup

    I can never read the Chat. Newspaper articles. They want me to pay for it


  3. Freedawg10

    From my seat at the spring game this year I was very impressed with Fromm. However, he is not better than Eason at this time. Also, I find it very interesting that Smart built Fromm up in the spring when attempting to motivate Eason and now that he is trying to recruit a top quarterback he is less enthusiastic when commenting on Fromm.


  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    The QB situation is about as perfect as it could be for us right now. Two great talents, and one has a year of experience. The oldest great talent can’t just sit on his hindquarters and say “What are you going to do, replace me?” (Not that I believe he would) At the same time, the younger great talent might be able to start and succeed, but he doesn’t have to; he gets to learn a little first.

    The only minor drawback right now is recruiting a third QB for a year or two hence. But that’s a problem that a lot of teams would love to have. It’s a problem I can stand for right now.


  5. Uglydawg

    I’ve got to believe that he G day defensive backs he faced were at least considerably better than the defensive backfields he faced in HS. Since JF was a sensational HS QB, I believe that when his time comes, he’ll be a great one. Eason, also highly regarded..very highly regarded, in HS may very well be a great one..but I have to believe JF has faced faster and better HS defenses than did JE. That may mean that Eason’s learning curve is longer than JF’s.. I think CKS is kind of acknowledging that but recognizes that JE’s having a year of playing in the SEC is what’s keeping him ahead on that curve, at least for now. I personally hope they are back to back Heisman winners in the next few years.


    • Greg

      The learning curve & HS points you mentioned are good ones. Also, in his Spring game, he played with the second team (OL & WR). Honestly, I do not think there would have been too much fall off if he and Eason switched sides. Really happy he is at UGA..


    • I’ve got to believe that he G day defensive backs he faced were at least considerably better than the defensive backfields he faced in HS.

      The same could be said for Fromm’s surrounding cast on offense.


  6. dawgfan

    Eason pulled out the win at Missouri and would have saved the game against Tennessee if not for lack of discipline on sidelines. Coaching cost Tech and Vandy. Eason will be fine and should improve. I’m more concerned about game preparation, game day coaching adjustments and the staff paying attention to details like the proper time to call time out and clock management. I’m a big Fromm fan but if we see much of him this year it’s not going to be a good thing.

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    • Otto

      Agreed on Eason and Fromm. I hope Fromm is red shirted, Eason has an amazing career leaving with rings a yearly to be a 1st round draft pick.