How badly does Kirby want to fix special teams?

Forget about the every day competition in fall camp as a measure of that and look here instead.

That was one of the reasons Smart went after Scott Fountain after he was let go at Auburn. Fountain, who coached tight ends and was special teams coordinator with the Tigers, joined the Bulldogs this year in a consultant’s role as a special teams analyst. UGA is paying him $140,000, a high salary for an analyst.[Emphasis added.]

You can’t always get what you want, but if you spend sometimes, you get what you need.


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10 responses to “How badly does Kirby want to fix special teams?

  1. Puffdawg

    You have to wonder if the intention behind this is to get good people in your system to make coaching turnover seamless.


    • Dave

      That’s a good point, although I suspect in this case it’s an ancillary benefit. I still think the primary goal was to improve special teams play. I wouldn’t want a seamless transition from a crappy predecessor or performance.

      What’s crazy to me is how Georgia has struggled despite going through so many iterations of ST philosophy. Everybody swore that our special teams were no good because we didn’t have a single dedicated ST coach. Now we have one, and they were still atrocious. Shane Beamer learned from the best, and did it well on his own, iirc.

      With more depth and talent, another consultant/adviser on the job, and another year to build on, we should see a substantial improvement from last year. Should.


    • PTC DAWG

      That definitely seems to be the way the major programs are headed…


  2. Russ

    That money’s not going to spend itself. Better to analyze something before it starts to dry up.

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  3. dawgtired

    Only time will tell if all of Kirby’s attempts at ‘fixing problems’ will work…but he is not leaving anything to chance. He get’s an ‘A’ for effort. Let’s hope all this comes together at some point and we’re happy with the results on the field.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. Kirby’s given his 2 (arguably) worst assistants, Chaney & Beamer, plenty of help with the hires of Jay Johnson & Fountain.


      • Mayor

        Well….shouldn’t Kirby maybe have hired Jay Johnson and Fountain as the actual coaches instead? That’s my point–if Chaney and Beamer were so bad (and they were) why do they still have jobs? Why do you have to spend a bunch of $$ to have 2 other guys tell them what to do, and then filter it through them? We know Chaney and Beamer are shitty from experience already.


  4. AusDawg85

    Hell of a lot of indians running around. I wonder how one chief can handle it all? Sure would like to know how Kirby is keeping all lines of communication within the staff clear and consistent.


    • 92 grad

      I just had a vision where all the football staff walks around every day with gameday headsets and clipboards. Funny to imagine.


  5. so when the staff has a big meeting or reception, who turns out to be bleeding man? I know who is practiced at the art of deception.