“I’m not used to being fifth in the conference.”

He’s talking about his secondary’s showing in third-down defense last season, but, while we’re on the subject of unfamiliar territory, that’s also about where Kirby Smart’s team finished overall in conference wins and losses.

Don’t make it a habit, brother.


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4 responses to ““I’m not used to being fifth in the conference.”

  1. Macallanlover

    Many of us have thrown a lot barbs at Chaney, and rightfully so, but Mel Tucker has gotten a pass for the defense’s shortcomings, and I am not sure why. Our defense was pretty good in terms of overall ranking but surprisingly low in red zone defense and pressuring the passer. I think more attention will be given to him as a DC if the expectations for the 2017 defense aren’t met.


    • Russ

      Who’s Mel Tucker? I thought Kirby coached the defense. That’s why he’s running all over the place and signaling like a madman before the plays.


      • 69Dawg

        +1000 Mel is just a Graduate Assistant for Kirby. How many head coaches do you know that signal in the defense. They have players that do that based on the call. Kirby is never going to make it as an HC if he doesn’t act like one on Saturday. He needs to be thinking ahead on every play not worrying about the D’s alignment on the current play. He obviously has trust issues with Tucker.


        • Macallanlover

          I agree about KS’ demeanor on game day….and it is time to drop the “call me Kirby” bit too. Fine for adults, but the athletes should have him on a pedestal. Not saying he should be aloof from them, but assistant coaches should be their buddy, not the HC.