Control freaky-deaky

The University of Texas — read that as head coach Tom Herman — has just decreed that beat writers who cover the Longhorns may not post on social media during post-practice interviews.

“Our hope is that you would take time to review your post and re-listen to the questions and answers in an effort to increase accuracy and insure the necessary context in each of your social media reports.

“We hope this will not only allow everyone more time to craft those commentaries/reports, but also allow necessary time to absorb full context,” the statement continued. “It also will be beneficial in providing full attention for follow-up questions or the next line of questioning during the actual interviews. Thank you in advance for adhering to this new policy.”

It’s good to see that Herman’s already got things going so swimmingly for his program that he’s now got time to teach the media how to do their jobs, too.

Meanwhile, in Athens, Greg McGarity silently wonders if Herman may have been Georgia material after all.


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5 responses to “Control freaky-deaky

  1. Atticus

    Sounds like Urban and Saban……..hmmm the best coaches in the game.


  2. fuelk2

    Perhaps Texas can buy ensurance against misleading tweets.


  3. McTyre

    Well, doesn’t Crown Distributing already have “naming” rights in BM?


  4. Is Herman telling us that Fake News is now becoming Fake Sports?


  5. Captain Obvious

    sounds like the next Whitehouse Press Secretary right there