The NCAA’s always gonna NCAA.

I’d say words fail me about this story, except you know there’s something coming ’round the next bend that’ll be even stupider.


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9 responses to “The NCAA’s always gonna NCAA.

  1. KornDawg

    I only got one thing to say, strike those mf’ers (NCAA) out!


  2. Russ

    Maybe LSU could charge a booster to sit with the pitcher during the game, you know, for the honor of it.


  3. Got Cowdog

    Yet for a mere $50,000.00, you can spend quality time with the player of your choice (first come first served, of course)

    Bullshit. Complete utter bullshit. FtNCAA


  4. ApalachDawg

    If you ever tank a play like that again, i’m going to cut your nuts off and shove them down your fucking throat…


  5. 69Dawg

    And they call the NFL the No Fun League. NCAA = No Class At All.


  6. Nashville West

    I imagine that an NCAA spokesperson will point out that it was the LSU compliance office that confiscated the glasses, not the NCAA. Like it really matters…


  7. Here are some questions: My take is the problem is that the glasses were a gift. Did that make them an impermissible benefit? What if he had paid for the glasses? Or paid now? Could he get them back? How much would he have to pay? Fair market value? How much would that be? Was it the NCAA that mandated he give up the glasses? Was it just the interpretation of the LSU compliance office of an NCAA rule that took the glasses away? Anybody know any detail?


  8. Debby Balcer

    That is ridiculous they need to give him back the glasses.