“You buy a keg for $75 and sell it for $1,400.”

My favorite part of the booze industry’s rapid takeover of college sports marketing is the statement of the obvious — “It’s the inevitability of the profitability, which is extraordinary” — coupled with the traditional “don’t let alcohol near the innocent young” sanctimony, with the SEC naturally leading the way:

With the rise in beer marketing has come a level of inconsistency and, sometimes, hypocrisy as schools and conferences try to figure out how much to regulate it. Where there’s a restriction on beer sales or marketing at a college facility, there’s often a contradiction nearby.

The SEC has been adamant about not selling any alcoholic beverages at its athletic venues, but the conference does allow it in club seats and suites, at least one of which is sponsored by a spirits brand — Woodford Reserve Club at Kentucky’s Kroger Field. Other schools, such as LSU and Missouri, have experimented with selling beer within beer gardens just outside the stadium, which enables them to rake in the revenue while staying within the bounds of the conference rules.

That’s your SEC today, peeps:  no beer sales in the stands, but bourbon-infused naming in the club seats.  Still, those sweet, sweet liquor dollars really do seem inevitable, even in the Bible Belt.  I’m looking forward to hearing the spin Greg Sankey puts out on the day the conference officially renounces its current rule.  I wonder how long it will take Georgia to change its policy after that occurs.


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15 responses to ““You buy a keg for $75 and sell it for $1,400.”

  1. Granthams replacement

    Bring back battlin bulldog beer


  2. Macallanlover

    You may look forward to Greg’s spin on this but I am hoping we have awakened before then and have a much smarter/competent AD to deliver that statement to the press.


  3. BigD

    Buffalo Trace and Jefferson’s may indeed get me back in the seats again…


  4. McTyre

    Well, doesn’t Crown Distributing already have “naming” rights in BM?


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    When we traveled to the KY games in the 90’s I saw more than a few wildcat fans toting milk jugs full of bourbon – in the stadium.


  6. steve

    The Auburn glee club already acts intoxicated. Restricting substances won’t change their behavior.
    I remember once in the mid 80’s after a heart breaking loss to the club team of the Bank of Alabama (Auburn). I saw a skinny, trailer-resident Aubie crawling out of some bushes around that big yellow building at the top of the hill next to where P Chem and biology were taught. He had just finished his canine equivalent with the exception of licking his ass and sniffing his sac. The only thing that came to mind was the time I saw my dad shove my puppies face in his shit and fling him 20 yards in to the backyard. The puppy never shit on the rug again, to my knowledge.
    So the alcohol is for everyone who has to tolerate being around Auburn fans, team, tigers, eagles, and collective cult disorder…Kinda like 4 hrs of football hospice…Clearly a case of a compassion-less SEC decision-maker.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Hell, the booze industry took over Georgia football 30 years ago, if you get what I am saying, there.


  8. Stoopnagle

    So, I’m supposed to look forward to waiting in an indeterminable line to overpay for warm beer served by the Ladies Book Club of Monroe First Presbyterian and Little League Club? I’ll just keep bringing my own, thanks.


  9. Captain Obvious

    I can’t wait for the day when the dude sitting behind me is able to smoke weed (legally)


  10. Otto

    If you are complaining about the bathroom situation can you imagine what it will be like with more drunks hugging the handful of toilets?


    • Got Cowdog

      Thanks to tailgates and blister packs of liquor, most people in Sanford are already as drunk as they want to be. Even if they start selling, Ill still smuggle, because: (1) It’s fun (2) It’s tradition (3) I’m cheap (4) I hate standing in lines.


  11. Dawg20132

    So the SEC will have a substance policy for fans attending the game, but not players competing in it???