Greg McGarity is disappointed. Well, so am I.

You may recall when the AJ-C published a letter from a former UGA baseball player that was critical of Greg McGarity, my first reaction was to ignore it here at the blog. The only reasons I wound up commenting were because so many asked me about it and because the author was more than a little involved in Georgia athletics. Content-wise, though, I thought the letter was a nothing burger, full of advice that was a reflection of the sentiment you could find in your average message board comments thread.

I should have known that McGarity disagreed.

Oh, not because he can’t take the heat.  It’s because he wants to highlight the manner in which the criticism was presented.

McGarity wasn’t necessarily upset at Minick’s opinion. But he was caught off guard when the letter he read online wasn’t the one he was asked to comment on originally.

“Everybody has a right to say what they want. It’s a free world,” McGarity said. “But I was disappointed that the letter in its original form was not reproduced. And I think what the author said is that there were edits made for context. Well, when you delete sentences in the middle of paragraphs, to me, that’s an intent to shape the story in a way that wasn’t consistent. I was very disappointed in that.”

Mind you, when Emerson originally posted the letter, he acknowledged it was edited.  Mind you further, McGarity had access to the original letter, was given the opportunity to respond to the AJ-C article and chose not to do so at the time it was posted for all to read.

Most significantly, though, the edits don’t change the thrust of Minick’s criticisms in the slightest.  Here’s what Butt outlined:

▪ In the published letter, Minick wrote: “I suggest Billy Payne, or someone else of his stature head a search committee to name a new athletic director. Look at Clemson and what their athletic department has done with great leadership and a plan for high success.” This sentence, located in between those two sentences, was deleted: “Derek Dooley and Chris Welton (1980 football) are both candidates who come to mind.”

Since playing on Georgia’s 1980 national championship team, Welton has enjoyed a successful business career. Dooley, the son of Georgia legendary head coach and athletics director Vince Dooley, coaches receivers for the Dallas Cowboys and was previously the head coach at Louisiana Tech (17-20 overall record) and Tennessee (15-21).

▪ The published letter listed eight complaints among lettermen. The letter McGarity initially received showed seven. No. 4 on the published letter, which stated, “The UGA Athletic Board has limited representation from former Georgia athletes,” was added after McGarity was offered a chance to respond.

▪ Minick referenced a rumor that McGarity “has already chosen his successor” and that he hoped it wasn’t true. This was deleted from the letter.

In short, more condiments for the nothing burger.  But that’s not what McGarity’s on about with this.  This is nothing but an attempt on his part to make a beat reporter look bad.  Of course, this being Greg McGarity, what we’re treated to is his typical ham-handed effort.

For some of you I’m sure it’s tempting to dismiss this (or maybe even cheer it on) either through the prism of media bashing or Richt bias.  That would be a mistake, though. Here’s a man charged with running a major college athletic department, responsible for hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars, who apparently is stewing over a personal grudge that is largely the product of his own inept PR skills.  McGarity is a man who chose to devote little effort to conducting a responsible search for a football head coach, but has the time to publish a personal blog to get his view out of what the story should be because he faults the media for not leading the fan base to love him more than it does.

These are not professional priorities for a man in his position.

The weirdest part of this is how personally this comes across for McGarity. He’s taken the lessons of his two predecessors to heart in that he hasn’t picked a fight with the power structure and hasn’t engaged in any personally embarrassing behavior.  His immediate boss cares about the AD’s performance in the area of finances, where McGarity has delivered.  The big boosters have gotten what they wanted in Kirby Smart.  Hell, he’s even thoughtfully provided a hobby for Suzanne Yoculan.

In other words, there’s no reason for Greg McGarity to feel even the slightest bit of unease about his job security.  He’s not going anywhere, even if Carroll Minick writes a letter a month for the next five years.  (Not that Minick has any intention of doing that.) Yet here we are with an athletic director who’s decided it’s in his best interest to engage in a long-running pissing match with the media to sooth his feelings.

At a time when the approach of Kirby Smart’s second season should be sucking all the oxygen out of the reading room, another chapter of the Greg McGarity Story is not a good look for UGA.

As a Georgia alumnus — an alumnus of a university that takes due pride in its journalism school — I’m embarrassed.  I get that nobody’s going to fire Greg McGarity, no matter how mediocre a job he does in the performance areas I care about, but can’t somebody direct him to remove his head from his ass?  Or, better yet, to quit talking in public?


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24 responses to “Greg McGarity is disappointed. Well, so am I.

  1. Russ

    Quote from the Roman Senate “We’re disappointed that Nero chose to use an Egyptian fiddle instead of one from our expert Roman craftsmen.”


  2. Athletic Board member

    Not sure what the problem is. Everything seems fine to me.


  3. Will Trane

    Always reminded by what a UF alum told me awhile back…”if you Georgia people keep making the same mistake, well, guess what? You keep getting the same damn mistake! So stop!”
    No doubt many other SEC universities, and throw in a Clemson and FSU, have figured it out. But not in Athens. Just compare UGA’s “men’s big three athletic records” against top SEC programs. UF dominates UGA, like it or not. It is a fact. Many of us are almost to the point of why care any more.


    • gastr1

      “Mistake,” ha ha…dumb UF people can’t even tell when they’ve been had! We’ve kicked their butts in reserve fund dollars for years now, and they don’t even get it!

      We are your overlords, Gators. It’s like the matrix or something!


    • Ben

      Buddy, I’m way past almost. Some of my Bama friends can’t believe I’m not counting the days to kick-off, but I’m betting on more of the same this year.


  4. 69Dawg

    Somebody with a knowledge of Wikipedia should put a picture of McGoofy in the pages describing the Peter Principe, he is the ideal example.


  5. Bright Idea

    To some degree, this does make Minick look bad IMO, but I agree that McGarity must be living under a rock if he thinks we give a hoot about his personal feelings. McGarity doesn’t have cancer, we’re pissed because football, basketball and baseball are winning nothing of significance, so we are short on sympathy for him. That can’t be a surprise, can it?



    He should have let the sleeping dogs alone in this case, IMHO.


  7. BulldogJay

    I can’t believe he gave life to a dead story, just shut up


  8. JN

    Agree. For every short coming the letter accused McGarity of, going about this retort in this manner is even worse, IMO.


  9. Hal Welch

    On this… We agree. He’s a stooge.


  10. The Dawg abides


  11. Greg McGarity, J Reid Parker Director of Credits and Debits, Public Relations Black Belt

    I spent about 3 hours last week putting together my retort. I’m tired of the criticism attempting to divide the Bulldog Nation and I’m fighting back.

    Things are well at Butts-Mehre. I hope everyone realizes how great we’re doing.


  12. heyberto

    It think he’s taunting us. Seriously, what other explanation could there be?


  13. So it was a McGarity slight of hand. He mentions the parts that were cut out, as if those pieces somehow made him look better. But those parts are just irrelevant stuff. He is banking people won’t bother to look into what was left out and just assume the worst from the journalist. That’s just flat out devious right there. Opens a window into his character, and it ain’t good.

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  14. Athens Dog

    Just makes me tired…….is it football yet?


  15. Dawg in Championship Exile

    Every state that touches Georgia has had minimum of 1 Nat Championship in one of the big 3 sports w/in the last 10 yrs. With the exception of the state of TN, multiple Natys. As the Flagship University of Georgia, we have dropped the ball…no pun intended.


  16. John Denver is full of shit...

    I’m actually surprised to not see his retort on thy senators scroll.


  17. The Georgia Way

    This year, we took The Georgia Way nationwide and were rewarded with what will certainlly be another record fund-raising season!!!

    As we head into the off-season, we pause a few Minutes to sincerely thank our Magill Society donors, who, like our leader, have not allowed themselves to be distracted by those 94% who seek to divide us.

    Do not be discouraged by the increase in football spending the last two years. Reductions in the other sports have more than compensated for it and our balance sheet remains strong. You have the First Word on this.

    Rest assured, our succession plan is already in place for generations to come and it is yet another Bulldog Point of Pride!!!



  18. Jack Klompus

    He lost me at Derek Dooley. Although, he could teach those coaches how to worsh properly


  19. AusDawg85

    I think we can all agree we’re disappointed with McGarity for not having winning being a Georgia point of pride.


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