When you realize better Wi-fi ain’t gonna cut it

I don’t know what the front office equivalent is for bulletin board material, but somebody ought to post this in the office of every athletic director in the country.

From the “It Just Means More” files of the SEC, we bring you this nugget from a visit with the Atlanta Falcons president about Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the new home of the SEC title game. McKay said the project’s mission was to change the experience for the fan because the experience from home “is pretty good, and it’s not getting worse.”

“We don’t think technology is gonna be the solution,” he told me. “There aren’t people who go to games and try to watch replays on their phones. We do think that the fan wants to be treated in a way where their experience is special and to do that you’ve got to think about food, the way they get around the building—entry and exit and the seats they sit in.”

The new stadium has 21-inch seats (arm to arm), up from the 19-inch seats in the Georgia Dome and from the 14 or 15-inch seats at many college stadiums. And that’s all of the seats, not just the ones at the premium level.

Jeez, if even NFL guys realize this…


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16 responses to “When you realize better Wi-fi ain’t gonna cut it

  1. Jack Klompus

    I couldn’t agree more that ADs need to focus on the experience for fans. There is a lot of easy lower cost things that can be done. But I can’t help but think that making the stadium experience better for fans is a bit easier when you get to build a brand new stadium every 25 years with a budget of $1.5BB.


    • Macallanlover

      Remodeling is cheaper than starting over again but yeah, $1.5BB can cover up a lot of mistakes. More important than the money, or the facility is the attitude, and that is where McDoofus comes up short every single time. The guy is simply over his head and out of touch with his customers. That is a very bad situation, and it is discouraging to see the powers-that-be allow it to continue.


  2. Atticus

    In 35 years of going to games what has made me stay home more often is this;

    2-game times
    3-scrub games
    4-length of games
    5-tailgating limitations
    6-on field performance under Richt

    Food is irrelevant
    Music is irrelevant
    Bathrooms are irrelevant
    Crowd traffic patterns are irrelevant

    Falcons will pack the stadium because it’s new and they went to the Super Bowl. If they suck, nobody will care about the inches in the seats or how good the food is. Lol


    • 69Dawg

      Yet you listed cost as your number one reason. The Falcons food is going to be cheaper than UGA’s so for a family of 4 that’s great.


  3. 81Dog

    The way McWindbag, and many other ADs seem to be running things now, the in stadium crowd is just a live studio audience for the tv show. And, like the showrunners did, when it gets too be too much trouble to have a live studio audience, they’ll just go to canned applause. I imagine it hasn’t happened already because ADs can still “monetize” the fans who actually come to the games.


    • Gaskilldawg

      Our pompous AD thinks that what the ticket holders want is to replicate the at home experience. That wrong. I have good seats in the lower sideline, and I like my seats, but I see better on TV at home. Even if I moved to the best seat on the 50 it will not ever be as good a view as watching on TV.

      What my living room cannot give me is a fun gameday in Athens experience. That experience is why I contribute to the the Hartman Fund and buy season tickets.
      McGarity and the boatload of Associate ADs and Assistant ADs get paid to go to the games. They have never had to drive, park, find a place to tailgate, stand in line at a concession stand or in a public restroom, so our complaints to the are as foreign to them as reading about how life is like in Somalia. They cannot relate, and therefore do not care.

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  4. 69Dawg

    The difference between the Pro’s and the colleges is the professionals actually have professional business people running their organization not a bunch of good old boys appointed by a bunch of Ivory Tower academics. Have you ever seen a governmental organization do anything better than a business that can actually fire their incompetents without an act of congress or the board of regents.


    • Well, yes.

      If businesses were as uniformly competent as you pretend they are, there would be no need for bankruptcy laws.


      • 69Dawg

        Businesses that are bad go bankrupt, you just proved my point. Government run school, hospital, etc, don’t have to worry they can always tax the people. I worked for the federal government for the first 13 years of my working life, running things efficiently and effectively was never even brought up. In fact the only thing managers in the government care about is getting more employees reporting to them so they can get a raise in grade.


        • DoubleDawg1318

          As a student of Public Administration, this is so much garbage. The research shows some smaller government organizations actually outperform very large private corporations. Bureaucracy is not simply a function of government. It is a function of the size of the organization. There are plenty of efforts at reform. In fact, there are so many at times, they don’t allow the previous reforms to stick. Most of government inefficiency is because of the paperwork that results from a desire for accountability in the use of public resources. Is government perfect? Far from it. Is business perfect? Definitely not.


    • gastr1

      You probably don;t want to believe this, but colleges are businesses too. Their competition is other colleges. The president is actually supposed to lead the charge in keeping a university competitive. Look at the U. of Missouri for an example of what happens when the crap really hits the fan.

      But just like businesses, some decide the tried and true will always be true–why screw up something that isn’t broken? As long as the money comes in, the model is working.

      That be us.


    • Gaskilldawg

      The University of Georgia Athletic Association is a corporation, and people named Dooley, Goff, Donnan, Harrick, Felton, Clark and Delaney can tell you that it’s employees can be fired without involvement of congress or the board of regents.


  5. Walt

    Went to a Braves game and got 4 hot dogs and 6 beers (not just for me) for $85. Are these the kind of pro sports food options they’ll offer?


  6. AusDawg85

    I’d like to attend a game where…

    I can navigate to a parking spot with little stress or cost in close proximity to the venue. Be permitted to tailgate. Get into the stadium with ease. Arrive to a clean seating area. Have a comfortable seat with a back. Not be crowed and seated only next to those with a ticket for those seats. Have access to quality food & drink…ideally some delivered (Cold Coke here!). See a video board with highlights, replays and scores. Here the live band play…no other music. See the cheerleaders, coaches and bench area. See the entire field. Have a strong radio signal as well as cell and wifi. Ushers who keep order. Clean restrooms that can handle a crowd.

    Fantasy? Hardly. Many pro stadiums can do most of this. Could Sanford? Hahahahah…not for 93k+. And not with this administration.