Workin’ for the man

About last season’s offense…


UPDATE:  This, I suppose, constitutes context.

Speaking a bit before Chaney, Kirby Smart was asked what, beyond scoring points, was the offensive philosophy he wanted for Georgia football. The first thing he mentioned was balance.

“If you cannot run the ball in critical situations in a game, then you can’t win,” Smart said, speaking for a minute about needing to be able to run, and the need to have toughness and physicality.

Then Smart pivoted.

‘But we all know the spread element has taken over college football,” Smart said, then talking a bit about that. “Between those two things you want to have balance. You want to get your football players the football.”

I mean, say what you want about the tenets of Smart’s offensive philosophy, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.



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31 responses to “Workin’ for the man

  1. Doesn’t he have a support staffer to write the checks?


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Ya know, I think we should change Chaney’s title from Offensive Coordinator to Offensive Philosopher, for the sake of accuracy if nothing else.


  3. Coaches aren’t always the best explainers. The correct answer is:

    We’re going to have a dominant offensive line and we’ll run the plays that put the ball in our playmakers hands in situations that take the most advantage of their skill sets.


    • dawgtired

      “We’re going to have a dominant offensive line and we’ll run the plays that put the ball in our playmakers hands in situations that take the most advantage of their skill sets.”

      Awesome! Have you informed our coaches yet?


  4. 69Dawg

    Smart is making the usual mistake a former DC become HC makes, his real philosophy for his offense is like the physician, “first do no harm”. It is the reason that it takes a DC longer to become a good head coach. The offensive should always be “take what the defense will gives you and keep taking it until the defense stops it”. That is what made SOS unbeatable once he understood that he need a defense to go along with the Fun and Gun. I re-watched the Kentucky game from last year and they ran the Wildcat with the RB a million times in a row (Munsonism) until UGA finally figured out how to stop it. Chaney was never give that freedom. I never doubted from the first play of the 2016 season that the OC was under orders to run the damn ball. Like the man’s candor, Kirby write the checks.

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    • Conversely, last year offensively we kept running the same things even though the opposing defense had already stopped us time and time again.

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      • 81Dog


        or, you could try doing what works, and not doing what doesn’t work. Adjust to the situation. I think that is what you call “good coaching.” But, it may not be MANLY ENOUGH, PAWWLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

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  5. RCBRick

    Get your football players the football. Make sure they are on the football field when they get it, and that other football players are there too. But they don’t get the football, only one football player should have the football at a time.


    • 81Dog

      I think it would be kind of revolutionary to get your power forward the football, or maybe your power hitting first baseman. NOBODY WOULD SEE THAT COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even Mike Leach would find that a visionary approach.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Also make sure they don’t stay on the field too long and get too predictable, especially when they appear to be dominating.

      Keep the offense guessing with wholesale defensive changes between pitches. Bring the infield in and guard the lines, especially when they are in scoring position.


  6. HVL Dawg

    Football is a simple game. You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball.


  7. For a guy who has all of 1 year of experience on the offensive side, it seems he would want his offensive coordinator with 20+ years of experience to run the offense the way he would think would generate points and yards.

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    • dawgtired

      Didn’t KS choose Chaney because he liked how he ran his offenses? So…why not let him run them? Micro communication, not micro manage.

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      • I thought so, too. Richt hired BVG and let him run the defense the way he saw fit. I thought Smart would have done the same thing with the offense. Hire a guy that he liked the offense and let him run it.


      • 92 grad

        Last season it was like Kirby gave Chaney a list of 6 plays and said “these are the plays that always scared me as a D.C. Run the offense however you’d like as long as it’s only these 6 plays.”

        Obviously I’m joking but Georgia ball has been awfully hard to watch for the last 2 years….

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        • All of this is the reason I think it makes more sense to have an offensive-minded guy as the head coach. Sure, it’s worked at Alabama, but he has advantages no one else has and recently has taken a more hands-off approach with the offense (for Saban). I think it’s also the reason many of the defensive-minded head coaches have struggled to make the transition. In today’s college game, a philosophy of “do no harm” gets you beat.

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        • ugafidelis

          Yep he said, “These boys think they can win just because they’re Bulldogs? Fine. Let ’em win with these plays. Then they’ll see they’re not really as good as they think they are.”


    • 69Dawg

      That is so true. It’s like most offensive coaches, pick a defensive coach and let him totally run the defense. It seems that former DC’s have a problem letting the OC just run the offense he wants to run. They seem to put a lot of restrictions on the OC’s. Erk Russell was one of the few pure DC/HC that when asked why he wanted to run the Triple Option answered because I can’t figure out how to stop it. It seemed to work for him and his multiple National Championships.


  8. That explains the bullshit that we suffered through last year. I wonder if Smart will loosen the reins a bit this season.


  9. AusDawg85

    We’ll I think we all know who holds the crayons around here.


  10. Greg

    Been saying this….”for long time now”. You do not make the players into something that they are not. It was obvious from the beginning, trying to make the OL into a power team was ridiculous. Trying to be a power blocking team with a small OL ain’t gonna get it in the SEC. Stick with who you are (zone blocking / smaller quick OL). We ain’t Bama, when we get the players for it…change then, not before then. Play with the cards you are dealt.

    At least the “philosophical” difference is now out in the open. Hopefully they both are now on the same page. Gonna be interesting though, we are getting the big linemen now, but they are young. Are we still going to try to be Bama, or are we going to play what we are best suited for???…..that is the 4 million dollar question, the training is over. GO DAWGS!!

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    • ugadawgguy

      “Are we still going to try to be Bama, or are we going to play what we are best suited for?”

      I would wager that we’re in for more of the former, until Kirby is sent packing.


      • Greg

        Good news either way, get it over sooner than later or get it done…& at least we have the talent that is left behind….. GO DAWGS!!


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