I may have to rethink Georgia’s schedule.

Brian Fremeau’s posted his 2017 strength of schedule rankings, based on his FEI metric.

Strength of Schedule Ratings are a function of the projected FEI ratings of a given team’s schedule of opponents and the location (home/away/neutral) of each game. EL ratings represent the average number of losses an elite team (two standard deviations better than average) would have against the schedule. GL ratings represent the average number of losses a good team (one standard deviation better than average) would have against the schedule. AL ratings represent the average number of losses an average team would have against the schedule. The total number of games in the given team’s schedule against FEI top 10 opponents (v10), top 20 opponents (v20), top 30 opponents (v30), top 40 opponents (v40), and top 50 opponents (v50) is also provided.

Georgia’s EL ranking, 27th, may not seem that daunting, but dig down to AL, and you’ll find it ranks first.  The reason for that appears to be pretty simple:  the Dawgs are the only team Fremeau has playing ten top 50 opponents this season.

Remember how we tend to dismiss other programs for not going through the grind of an SEC season to prove themselves?  Georgia is facing that grind, in spades.


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  1. And #11 is Kentucky, which is #59 in the projected FEI Ratings. Only Samford does not appear there for obvious reasons.


  2. Otis Day

    let the excuse making begin 🙂

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  3. Got Cowdog

    The SEC grind is and always has been. In reference to one of the Senators other posts this morning; CFB’s regional fealty is one of the things that makes it unique. My family is centered in the southeast, My Dawgs, My Louisiana Uncle’s LSU (The force is strong in this one, Grandaddy and all his brothers are grads), Auntie’s Ole Miss, nobody likes Alabama unless they are playing Florida. Arkansas is that cousin you tolerate at reunions because, well, your Grandma’s sister went slumming. Auburn is a cousin you used to fistfight until you both got big enough to hurt each other, now you just talk shit.

    Well, I got sidetracked. Among the clan, we have always said SEC teams played each other harder than anyone else. And the current Alabama notwithstanding, there is still a lot of parity. I would hate to lose the ” Me against my brother, my brother and I against my cousin, my cousin and I against the world!” feel of SEC football, and I don’t know about y’all, but I ready to Ice down some drinks and heat up the grill. Come on September!

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  4. Will Trane

    No more comment about the schedule.
    My posts here about it the past few weeks document my position.
    I just look at the rosters and some prior seasons game…and changes in staff.
    How is that offensive line coming along coaches?



    A lot of people have us beating ND and then losing the Miss State game. I just don’t see it . The ND game is the catalyst for the season imo.


  6. Dawg1

    I believe I read once that UGA has beaten more power five teams than anyone else in history. Our schedules always are respectable even if we don’t get that respect.


    • AusDawg85

      Can’t be true. Richt never be a single ranked opponent. Ever. Read it here, so must be true.

      What happened to the meme that our schedule was fairly easy this year???


      • Got Cowdog

        It is just that, a meme. The SEC, East or West, is never easy.


        • Macallanlover

          And that is the bigger point others seem to miss, playing eight SEC games is a good test. Face more top athletes than any conference, you will be sore the next day. I also think the East has no cupcake this year, even Kentucky, SC, and Vandy can strike you and pull an upset or two. We had more than our share of getting stung last season, someone else’s time in 2017….looking at you Florida.