Sometimes, the simplest things are the best.

We all know the problem Georgia had keeping opponents out of the end zone last season after they crossed the 20-yard line.  How to fix?  Well, you can focus on the details.

“The major breakdown is execution,” defensive coordinator Mel Tucker said. “When we go back and look at the tape, on defense if one guy does not do what he is supposed to do, you’re going to lose the down, probably. There is a huge emphasis on execution. There are some scheme things that we’re looking at that we can do to help our players. Our goal is to be much improved in that area.”

… Georgia returns 10 starters and replenished the losses of two major contributors — Maurice Smith and Quincy Mauger — with a recruiting class that included seven defensive backs. With depth returning, Tucker has emphasized negative-yardage plays and pass rush as priorities.

While speaking of those areas, Smart circled back to the red-zone issues and reiterated the importance of limiting the opposition’s scoring.

“If you take 10 of those (scoring) opportunities and you hold them to a field goal, that is four points per those attempts — that’s 40 points,” Smart said. “It changes your entire complexion, so the red area is one of the most evident. We gave up less explosive plays, but we did not do what we needed to do in the red area. But the big thing for us is tackling in space, being able to affect the passer with our pass rush and then red area defense were the big areas we have to improve on.”

Then again, there is virtue in simplicity.

Natrez Patrick has been an advocate for the need of red-zone improvement as he said it needs to get “much, much better.”

Ray Goff is down with that sentiment.  110%.


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  1. doofusdawg

    Looking at Jay Johnson’s bio it is pretty clear he was brought in to help with our offensive red zone woes. Kirby bragging about not giving up big plays on defense tells me that we were more interested in assignment football on defense last year… at the expense of being aggressive imo. Bend but don’t break… read and react… Joe Kines redux. Pruitt was much more aggressive and that’s what we need to emulate this year.

    I also hate it when our defensive guys are statues before the ball is snapped. And the kids seem to respond better when they are moving as well. Kids play much better when they are having fun. It all starts with the play calls on both sides of the ball.


    • Macallanlover

      Reading the recap of Saturday’s red zone portion of practice there is great news, and really bad news. Good news is it looks like Jay Johnson is off to a great start, bad news is Mel Tucker hasn’t gotten it figured out yet. The offense went through the defense like salts through a goose. It is just week one but our defense has to take a mentality that allowing someone into our end zone is like not protecting your family/home. Sure you have to have talent and size, but close up fighting is a lot about your mindset and resolve. In other words, it is about what is going on behind those numbers on the front of your jersey.

      According to reports this Saturday, the offense scored every time, mostly by passing the ball. We will know by the end of September for sure, cannot judge this by what happens against your own teammates.


  2. John Denver is full of shit

    {(6pts + 1pt = 7pts) – (1fg = 3pts)} = 4pts
    Heretofore KS formula on FG’s?


  3. Bright Idea

    Missed tackles contributed to this as much as anything. Watch the tapes of how many tackles the safeties in particular missed down close. Sanders playing with a bum shoulder didn’t help.


  4. please don’t say “Ray Goff” any more.

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  5. Greg

    Funny how Pruitt got them to “execute”, 3rd in the country with basically the same crew. It is all about leadership….getting the most out of your talent. Disappointment on all sides of the ball last year, just hoping for the best this year….SURPRISE ME!


  6. Rival

    Why does Kirby call it the “red area” when most often you hear “red zone?” Just curious.


  7. AusDawg85

    Who is Mel Tucker?

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  8. 69Dawg

    How about taking a page from the hard nose crazy coach Buddy from “Last Chance U”. If the defense fails to hold the opponent to a field goal inside the red zone then they get to ROLL one length of the field for every TD allowed.
    Same for the Offense, if they fail to score a TD in the red zone they ROLL. I know it’s not going to happen but a fellow can dream that there would be some damn ramifications for continued screw up.