The Last Word

That Subway sign urging McGarity’s departure I posted this morning is already gone.

The sign appeared on the Subway on Prince Ave. in Athens. It read in block letters: “NEW UGA ATHLETIC DIRECTOR WANTED. APPLY HERE. GO DAWGS.”

By Sunday night the first two sentences had been removed. Only “GO DAWGS” remained.

Brandi Lavender, who said she is the manager of the location, said it wasn’t her decision to put the sign up. It was made by an area consultant, who could not be immediately reached for comment.

Lavender said it was her decision to take it down after at least one person, who said he worked at UGA’s athletic department, complained in person about the sign. The person’s identity could not be confirmed, according to Lavender, and a UGA spokesman could not be immediately reached for comment. (The person was not McGarity himself, according to Lavender, who viewed security footage.)

That person is probably the same dude whom McGarity sent out to shop for condoms for Ludacris.  But I digress.

Anyway, so much for that whole tolerant “Everybody has a right to say what they want. It’s a free world,” the man was spewing just a few days ago.  As we all know, when it comes to Georgia athletics, ain’t nothing free.



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38 responses to “The Last Word

  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    That was my go-to Subway shop. Can’t believe one guy complaining was enough to take it down.


  2. Red Cup

    We should all call the shop and complain about them taking it down. I bet there are more of us than BM employees.


  3. Dog in Fla

    “That person is probably the same dude whom McGarity sent out to shop for condoms for Ludacris.”

    Order: Proceed to Prince Avenue. Stop where the rubber meets the Subway.
    Mission: Terminate signage by disappearing the best part.


  4. ElectroM

    Ms Lavender should post the video she reviewed online so we all can review it. For informational purposes only, of course.


  5. Remember when that one kid held up a “Fire McGarity” hand-written sign at a basketball game after Richt was fired? They had that removed faster than Mark Fox could make another inexplicable substitution.

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  6. Aladawg

    He didn’t get the nickname “Ears McGoofy” for nothing!!!


    • 79DawgatWork

      Was about to say, they knew it wasn’t McGarity personally complaining because the security footage showed the guy had ears smaller than Dumbo’s…

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  7. Greg McGarity, J Reid Parker Director of Public Relations

    We here at Butts-Mehre are committed to fighting the public perception battle in the trenches. Better get used to it.


    • Dog in Fla

      What is our policy? We shall fight them on the beaches. We shall fight them on the Subways. We shall wage war by sea, land and air with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us; to wage war against a monstrous tyranny never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalog of interference with HR matters and bad signage


      • Greg McGarity, J Reid Parker Director of Public Relations

        We don’t have an official policy per se but I would be remiss if I didn’t say that we didn’t start this war and that it’s completely out of my hands that we’ve been unfairly dragged into it. The public is somewhat uncontrollable and thus the need for my minutes. We’ll respond to everything appropriately in time.


  8. 81Dog

    Maybe it was McJughead’s top assistant and hoped for successor who strolled in and said, “Nice little store you have here…..It would be a shame if anything happened to it, wouldn’t it?”

    I bet the area guy wakes up tomorrow with a horse’s head at the end of his bed. Someone, quick, go check the barn at the equestrian center.

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  9. Reipar

    Luckily for the AD the people who count think he is doing a good job. As long as football turns around he will be here until he wants to retire.


  10. Chi-town Dawg

    My bet is the removal had little to do with a complaint and more to do with Subway’s inclusion (or removal) as one of Sanford Stadium’s concession operators. The UGA Athletic Department probably threatened them with a call to corporate or some trumped up violation of the operating agreement that would allow UGA to replace them with another food vendor. Either way, seems very petty.


    • Reipar

      Petty?!? You think Sabah would allow this? Welcome to the process.


      • Otto

        I’ll defer to the Coke bottle


        • Chi-town Dawg

          I don’t think Kirby or The Process has anything to do with this issue. The focus is on our AD McGoofy and the crap job he’s done leading (use this term loosely) our athletic department into its current dismal depths. Nick wouldn’t have time for this shit…..but then again, I don’t think the AD at Bama would allow their sports programs to fall like our AD has at UGA. When you have former football, golf, baseball and other sports alumni questioning McGoofy’s leadership maybe there’s more than just smoke in the dumpster.


  11. Bulldog Joe

    I guess this means they’re not going to process my application.


  12. 69Dawg

    All I can say is I hope the Banner Pilots don’t get in each others way this year. “Fire Ray Goof!”


  13. Speaking of the AA. I got a couple of tickets for App State for a friend and he can’t use them. I put them on Stub Hub and got caught in this endless loop where it wouldn’t take the bar code on the tickets. This is the first time I’ve had to do that so I contacted Stub Hub’s support. They told me at UGA was a “partner” and. as such, the barcode would be taken and then a new one generated and the buyer would get that on a PDF. I asked what they were going to do when someone sold the tix on SH and then sold the hard tickets on the street. SH said the original buyer would be protected by this process. Why do I think this is going to result in some folks getting burned?


    • Greg McGarity, J Reid Parker Director of Public Relations

      We’ve received several calls regarding not being able to enter the barcodes in Stubhub. I just want to let everyone know that it isn’t our fault and that we’re working to get it resolved as soon as possible. Stubhub says that we haven’t activated the codes with them but the truth of the matter is that our ticket vendor has not provided them to Stubhub. Again, not our fault and totally out of our control. We are working to remedy the problem though.

      Again, not our fault.


    • Reipar

      My tickets were stolen last year. They issued new ones with a new barcode. Found out later someone bought for the UT game from a scalper. Yep they got burned and denied entry. For the record don’t buy unless from a reputable insured ticket broker.


    • Grumpydog

      Heck, the scanners at the stadium only worked 50% of the time last year…


  14. SCIllinois

    I’m not nuts about public jokes like the Subway sign. I get that not everyone is happy, but how would you feel if some guy waved a “You Suck” sign at you every day on your way to work?

    It’s kind of like putting for sale signs in a coaches yard. Get pissed if you want, but these are still people.


    • I remember being at Wrigley in the late 70’s. They spelled out Jack Sucks with cups in the basket fence in the outfield!


    • He’s a big boy in a high-profile position getting paid $500k per year to run our athletic program … hopefully, not into the ground. He’s made his own bed with his hiring record and now gets to sleep in it. This was a private individual on his/her own property … very different from putting a For Sale sign in front of name your coach’s front yard or throwing a brick through a coach’s window at his home … see Curry, Bill in his dealings with the worst of Bammer Nation.


      • SCIllinois

        Sure, he’s a big boy in a public position, and sure, Subway is different from a person’s yard, but those are distinctions without a difference. Being a jerk, even to another jerk or someone who’s doing a bad job is still being a jerk.

        If someone feels better and thinks that’s how another person deserves to be treated, then so be it. Yeah, throwing a brick through their window is worse. That doesn’t change the fact that public jerkery just doesn’t really do anything for me.


  15. jt (the other one)

    First Amendment for $100 Alex!


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