Finally, Butts-Mehre is proactive about something.

Hot off the press, here’s a message from Georgia’s athletic director to everyone planning on attending a game at Sanford Stadium:


Brace yourselves for the next 18 months, peeps.  You’ve been warned.



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17 responses to “Finally, Butts-Mehre is proactive about something.

  1. Russ

    Did they charge for this reminder? Because I didn’t see the part where he asks for money. Are we sure this is legit?


  2. Bright Idea

    B-M really pushing the “fan experience” aspect of the west end zone project. If it helps with recruiting and improves on-field performance that will enhance my fan experience. i guess I’m just to old to become enamored over a bunch of bells and whistles in a ballpark. I haven’t been to SunTrust except for the UGA-Mizzou game because the Braves aren’t very good. B-M seems terrified that fans are going to piss and moan over a one season inconvenience geared toward players and recruits, but I am glad they are trying to get the word out.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Josh did a good job explaining things and we can give give them credit for getting in front of it and pushing the gate area back to the Tate Center.

      However, their track record tells us to expect a cluster**** on game day,


  3. John Denver is full of shit...

    Defeatist language as uzzzhh.


  4. HVL Dawg

    The message mentions portable restrooms.

    I’ll be interested to know if that means 75 blue porta potties or if they are thoughtful enough to do better.

    I’ve been to golf tournaments that brought in portable restroom trailers that are every bit as nice and efficient as the typical Sanford Stadium restroom. This week take a look at how much the PGA is willing to spend on temporary facilities at Quail Hollow.

    For that matter, I think if I was our “embattled AD”, I’d spend $400,000 of the $60 million budget making a WOW customer service statement with these temporary restrooms even if I was going to tear them down after 6 games.

    But it won’t happen because McGarity works for Kirby and Kirby doesn’t care about your piss experience.


    • Stoopnagle

      …works for Jere. And Jere doesn’t care about the people using porta-johns in the west endzone. He cares about the ones in the climate controlled suites sipping cocktails.


  5. Ben

    I may be nitpicking, but shouldn’t “Classic City” be treated as a proper noun and capitalized accordingly?

    I swear, Kirby may be the master’s apprentice, but if I’m right, that attention to detail didn’t carry over.


  6. Captain Obvious

    Obviously, the AD’s search committee failed him again when accepting bids for the stadium construction. Hire these dudes and it’s complete by kickoff….”Chinese construction firm erects 57-storey skyscraper in 19 days”


  7. waterloodawg

    Can we use the construction porta Potts?


  8. 69Dawg

    Now if they can just get the sound system to not make your ears bleed and the on field clock connection to work their job will be done.


  9. I still say this $60m is a big waste of money.


    • HVL Dawg

      Quick math- $60 million with a useful life of 15 years before it will be outdated and in need of reinvestment. 30 signees a year times 15 years is 450 signees over the economic life of the investment. That’s 1.33 million per signee.

      I’m sure you can buy 5 star players for much less than $1.33 million per. Heck, I’ll bet $250 thousand (including bagman fees) would get it done.


    • waterloodawg

      I wonder if this will in any way prep the area for future closing of the bowl.


  10. Gaskilldawg

    How will the west end zone project improve my game day experience? I guess The J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics means that it will improve recruiting which will bring more wins. Any other way it will improve my game day experience?


    • They’re slapping some paint on the restrooms and making it easier for some to get to their seats. Other than that, I don’t get how this will do one thing to improve my game day experience.