“He is not Drew Brees…”

We had sort of figured that out already, Jim.  So who is Jacob Eason?

Eason’s head was on a metaphorical swivel. He was constantly going to his coaches and veterans to make sure he did the right thing. He would look out to throw the ball to a receiver, but he wouldn’t be there.

“It was difficult because the playbook’s so big,” Eason said. “You’re trying to figure out where the receivers are going to go, not where they’re going to start. You know, trying to figure out where you want to throw the ball, versus what you’re seeing on defense.”

“Last year I was a younger guy, I was still trying to learn the offense on the fly, I was trying to keep my head above the water in that aspect of it,” Eason said after Monday’s preseason practice. “This year I have more comfort in our schemes and our playbooks. So I feel like I can line guys up, I can tell them what to do, I can help them out when they run a wrong route, and that kind of thing.”

… To that end, a checklist emerges:

  • Better completion percentage: Last year Eason was at 55.1 percent. Asked how to fix that, Eason points to a number of items: Looking at the rush, seeing what he’s supposed to see, not having his eyes in the wrong spot. “That all results in being late on the throw, or being off-balance, or that kind of thing,” Eason said.
  • Better chemistry with the receivers. That comes mainly with experience on both side. Eason said he also did a lot of work this summer with his receivers, working on seeing when and how they were going to break, and be more in tune with their speed. The little things others may not think about. “The timing’s gotten better,” Eason said. “I’ve gotten more in tune with when they’re going to break on routes and stuff.”
  • Reading and reacting to the defense. This also comes with experience, namely the 12 starts that Eason made last year, and the 370 passes. Eason said he spent time in the film room this offseason studying “each individual concept coverage-wise,” both with Georgia’s offense and the different types of defenses.

All well and good.  But he’s still got an offensive line situation that raises questions and a fair amount of turnover in the receiving corps that means timing is as much a work in progress this season as it was last year.

That he recognizes his shortcomings is a start.  That he’s making an effort to improve his game is necessary.  You still have to think that his best friend will be a consistent running game, but that happens to be one important matter that’s out of his hands.  We’ll see where it goes.



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44 responses to ““He is not Drew Brees…”

  1. John Denver is full of shit...

    “I like putting 2 tight ends that are extremely talented on the field at the same time, then I run it”


  2. NCDawgMan

    Unblanced line, nasty slot TE ( lined up in T slot )inside TE on the line, TE on the line other side. Still have QB, Back and either Twins or Pro set. Having coached against this set it’s nasty for the run or the pass


    • Otto

      Play action out of 2 TE sets can be fun.

      Is anyone running a Pro Set these days? A Pro Set could be fun with 2 great backs that can block for each other. I used to run that on a video game as kid with Bo Jackson and Herschel in the same backfield.


      • Here’s all I want to see, and yes, I know all of this hinges on the offensive line blocking.

        Eason in the gun with Sony and Chubb.

        Nauta, Godwin and RIdley lined up as TE/WRs (Nauta lined up on the line or off, doesn’t matter).

        Then flex Sony out into the slot opposite Nauta.

        Ridley runs the 9 route (Go route). Nauta runs a skinny post and Sony and and Godwin run intermediate crossing routes. Chubb acts as the dumpoff/release valve.

        After you flex Sony out you get to audible to an inside handoff to Chubb if the numbers add up in our favor. Basically, if they run nickel you pound the rock. If they stay base some poor bastard at LB or S has to check Sony, and if it’s a S that means you get one on one coverage on a a few guys.


        • That’s asking Chaney to change it up. Therefore, I’ll believe it when I see it.


          • I really don’t get this stuff. Chaney wants to throw it a lot. That’s been his MO almost everywhere he’s been. It’s why the hire didn’t make a ton of sense to me as you know Kirby wants to play Bama ball and pound the rock.

            People blaming Chaney for the offensive woes do so at the expense of Kirby in my opinion. Chaney is running what Kirby wants, for good or bad.


            • I think they’re both at fault, but Chaney will be the fall guy if this experiment fails. I’ve thought from the beginning that Smart wanted Pittman, and Chaney was the only way to get him. I thought Kirby should get out of the way and let the OC do his job which is to generate points and yards.

              The guy with 20+ years of experience coordinating offenses should get the blame, but the head coach with all of 1 year of experience on the offensive side of the ball and the “do no harm” mentality should get some of the blame as well.


              • Agree Chaney will get the blame. That’s how it is being an OC. But don’t hire a guy and not let him run what he wants to run. Seems simple, but many-a-coach falls victim to that very decision.


                • 69Dawg

                  Well at his next job Kirby will have learned this valuable lesson as apparently Will Muschamp has at USCe.


                • Otto

                  Some truth there but like any piece of a program everyone needs to be on the same page. The HC may want to different pace, style of play, clock management, and many other factors in the game plan than the OC. The HC has ultimate authority and as such will at some point over rule the OC. I would expect this to occur most often in the 1st year and with personnel the OC did not recruit.


                • Kirby would do well to heed the lessons from Boom’s time in Gainesville…


        • Otto

          I like the ideas, Sony is an interesting weapon as he could be a slot WR as well as RB. I posted on here Marshal and Gurley should have been on the field at the same time and now the same with Sony and Chubb. You can do a bronco shot gun set audible a back to the slot or maybe move one around like Malzahn did with Lutzy lining 1 of the 2 up as a blocker behind the line, UGA has had FBs which could have done the same. You can run multiple shotgun, I formation, or pistol with same personnel groupings set up for power running or spreading the field for down field passing, and then audible based on what the Defense sends on the field.


  3. NCDawgMan

    Duh, Unbalenced……. Use the TE’s for more than getting off the bus first


  4. UGA85

    I have heard from friends and students who were on campus last year that Eason was not that serious about football. There was a lot of partying during the season and after games, both wins and losses. Fromm may be a great wake up call for him in that respect. I’m hoping that competition makes Eason a better student of the game.


  5. NCDawgMan

    TE G C G T. TE Y
    TE X
    QB B


    • Russ

      We definitely need to use both tight ends. Too much talent there to ignore it. But we’ve been saying that for the past couple of OCs.

      BTW watched our game against the Tar Holes again last night. I had forgotten how screwed they were by the officials in that game. Every close call went against UNC, including a couple of bad ones. Nice to see us on the other side for a change, but I can empathize with UNC.


  6. Bright Idea

    My biggest worry with Chaney is just this, can he coach up the QB position?


  7. TomReagan

    Watching Eason, it seems to me that he really needs to shorten his throwing motion, and also make quicker decisions as mentioned above. The second makes the first worse. He nearly has a windup. Fromm looked much quicker with his release from what I’ve seen.

    His touch on the deep ball was also pretty bad last year.


    • ApalachDawg

      It looked pretty damned good on the Missouri and UTurds

      Liked by 1 person

    • 69Dawg

      The OC or Kirby mentioned the fact that he is almost too tall. They were commenting on his form and I guess what you said about his windup stems from that. He doesn’t flick the ball he winds up and fires it. So much so his passes are late and high like a baseball pitcher having trouble with his fast ball. A shorter release and more touch on the ball would be a good thing.


      • Peyton Manning didn’t have this problem as a tall QB … I imagine David Cutcliffe or Mike Bobo would have already cleaned up young Eason’s mechanics if he had been working under their tutelage for this long.


  8. I have zero inside knowledge and have heard zero from supposed “insiders,” but for whatever reason I have a bad vibe about Eason’s progression heading into the year. I can’t explain it, either. I thought he was solid as far as true freshman are concerned, but for there’s just something off about the way Eason is talked about by his coaches and peers. There’s a sense of optimism, sure, but it seems so cautious to the point that you wonder if it’s blind hope more than anything else.


  9. Will Trane

    Empty the backfield. Spread the field. Throw 50+ for awhile…throw more in first half. Put Chubb and Michel on LOS, set out. Burn Fromm’s red shirt.
    Oh no lets go back to two TE sets and the I. There you go, pack them in and let’s see how many punts we average during a game.
    This team needs to run, just not the running backs.


  10. Will Trane

    Kirby to the mirror on the wall in B-M. Mirror can I look like Saban and the Tide, that is what those geeky Dawg fans want.
    Hell kid, be your own damn coach for a change with your own team identity. While you are doing that get rid of that former Bama DC style of running up and down the sideline yelping like UGA after the Gators beat out ass again [21 out of last 27].
    Be like Arya Stark have a list [GOT].


  11. WarD Eagle

    99% of sports writing these days could be a series of scheduled tweets.

    This article could be replaced with “Players are practicing to hopefully improve. This reporter is gone fishing.”

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  12. Ben

    Well, Jim ain’t Bill Walsh, either.


  13. If the WR and OL have improved, and this staff is worth a damn, we should make it to Atlanta. We’re pretty damn good everywhere else and the rest of the EAST doesn’t stand out. Of course, there is that annual small problem in Jacksonville, Florida.

    I’m not sure about the OL but I believe we have some talent at WR, and a good mixture of size and speed. Sure, Eason had his issues but his OL, OC and being young didn’t do him any favors. Hopefully the defense can carry early until the offense comes around. If it does.


  14. Bob

    Gosh if it weren’t for negativity then the Dawgbone/Get the Picture wouldn’t exist.
    From every interview granted it sounds as if last Seasons deficiencies were reviewed and have/are being proactively addressed.
    I would tend to believe that every day from the end of last season till now has been used to improve every area of this team (and the coaches too).
    I don’t believe that Smart & Co have just been rubbing on a bottle and making wishes.
    Geez, I guess the Munson in most Dawg fans just cannot die!


  15. PTC DAWG

    Heard Eason on 680 this morning…sounds like a good kid who is ready for the next step…we shall see.


  16. bubbaking

    Tennessee and Florida have had shitty offensive lines the last 3-5 years, and Tennessee lost 2 starters last year and already their RT for 2017 before the season starts. No stupid ass excuses! Gatorade AA QB! Two AA potential TBs! 6 potential 5* players on the field on offense at once! Never happened at UGA! 10 returners on D! No excuses,


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