Too Much Barbecue

This is Gawd’s way of telling you the athletic department has way too much time on its hands.

In case you missed it, and it’s hard to know how you could, UGA has announced that Dreamland BBQ will be among those added to the concessions at Sanford Stadium. This of course elicited an angry reason from two quarters:

Barbecue snobs, such as legitimate BBQ expert Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated, who has spent a good amount of his life arguing that Dreamland, as famous as it is, is at best the second-best source of barbecue in Tuscaloosa, after Archibald’s.

A segment of Georgia fans who are offended by what they see as another sign of the Alabama-ization of Georgia football. There are also those who wonder why a more local joint couldn’t have been involved.

UGA evidently felt the need to respond to all this. The UGA Alumni Association account on Tuesday tweeted out a profile from 2012 of Dreamland co-owner Betsy Underwood – a UGA alumni. The headline on the story: “Alumna brings a tasty Crimson Tide tradition Georgia.”

The official Twitter handle of Georgia athletics tweeted it out.

Really, fellas?  If y’all spent as much time working over the state of your athletic programs as you do the state where your stadium barbecue comes from, you might not have to fret so much about fan reaction to your choice of menu items.

More to the point:  what does the athletic department’s need to respond to fan boredom tell you?


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49 responses to “Too Much Barbecue

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Overpriced ARAMARK oven-cooked BBQ with Dreamland sauce?

    Instead, go to Saucehouse or Butthut after the game.


  2. Otto

    Amazing how some people or so quiet on somethings, and then you get BBQ in the stadium and the response is…


    • Otto

      It is really a shame the Grit Tree has gone dormant. I’d love to hear Lewis Grizzard’s response to mediocre BBQ.


      • Coweta Dawg

        Would be good fun. And he’d get a plug in there for Sprayberry’s BBQ from Newnan, to boot.


      • Macallanlover

        Stadium BBQ is mediocre by definition, imo. Why does anyone expect good food at a stadium? It can only be good by comparing it to worse stadium food. If it were really tasty, the stadiums would be open all year, 365 days, to accommodate the crowds seeking that food. I search for places that have good BBQ, cheeseburgers, etc., but have never found either at a stadium. That is why I feel they should keep to things that can be prepared on site and can taste pretty good (peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs, etc.)


        • Down island way

          That’s one reason i’m saddened by the loss of tailgating possibilities on saturdays at my favorite Sanford stadium Mac……some of the best outdoor, finger lickin’ food ever!


        • Gaskilldawg

          The Mercedes Benz Stadium is contracting for some of th favorite restaurants in Atlanta to open dedicated locations in the Dome. For example, Fox Brothers will have a location in the MBS where it will sell a limited menu.

          A nice feature is that the vendors must sell their food at the MBS for no more than it charges on the menu at its brick and mortar location.


          • 69Dawg

            MBS’s concession menu reads like it was 25 years ago. A coke at a stadium for $2.00 unlimited refills. WOW.


    • ApalachDawg

      That was an attention getter…


  3. I don’t care that she’s a UGA alumna. I care that it’s from Tuscaloosa.


  4. Hobnail_Boot

    If I had a taste for Dreamland, I’d just go to Tuscaloosa. It’d be faster than standing in a Sanford concessions line, anyway.

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  5. Dawg Stephen

    Didnt we have Sonnys BBQ in the stadium in the past couple years?? Founded in GAINESVILLE FLORIDA!!! I find that much more abominable

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  6. ASEF

    She inherited some franchises from her husband, a Bama grad and dentist, last year. She’s 84. Did she or the franchises she owns bid the concession?



    Our fan base baffles me at times….all the ruckus over a sammich.


  8. illini84

    WSB is over at Pulaski BBQ doing a piece on this. I’ll say it again White Tiger’s BBQ is killer.


  9. illini84

    From Pulaski’s FB “Giving my thoughts on BBQ in Sanford Stadium and repping my @creaturecomfortsbeer tee. Tune in to WSB at 4:45 to see me make a fool of myself. #bbq #tv”


  10. illini84

    Of course we know that Big Twist was from Illinois!


  11. Ludacris

    Is that BBQ contract subject to the 90 day rule? I gotta know how many condoms Betsy Underwood got!!


  12. Athens Dog

    Stating the obvious. It’s not so much about BBQ, it’s about the seemingly inability of anyone at BM to think issues through and their impact on the general Dog fanbase. Just tone deaf.

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    • Got Cowdog

      We get it, AD. We’re just having fun basking in our martyrdom.


    • Bob

      Athens Dog, you B correct! You (BM) ask “Commit to the G”, you want to instill pride in all things GA, and then do something so incomprehensible. Hell as GA fans we have pride in our state and all things GA!
      That goes so deep that an alum playing at UGA golf course was sooo offended that a UGA entity would allow anything Gold (gold champions tees) that he demanded via letter they immediately be removed. They were!


  13. 202dawg

    Don’t forget the third quarter, Andy; the one that says there’s plenty of great BBQ in state without having to go west.


  14. MGW

    I’m much more upset about Dunkin damn Donuts instead of Krispy Kreme. “It was a decision about iced coffee cuz millennials.” Bull crap. Nobody gives a damn about cake, iced coffee, and purple sugar tea sludge at a football game in general, much less after they’ve been drinking. But there’s a reason Krispy Kreme is open 24/7.

    The reality is they said some garbage like, “we’ll pay you lots of money because we want your fans to associate your brand with ours, and establish a new Dunkin Donuts Bulldog family tradition”. And McGarrity said, “Yes, I believe our fans are stupid and will fall for it. The younger ones especially don’t know the difference and eventually after years of me taking your money instead of giving the people what they want, the people will forget the joys of Krispy Kreme, and like their northern brethren, will sing the praises of your nasty cake circles. I hate America.”


  15. Mike Cooley

    I just really don’t care about this. I never eat at the stadium. And like Mac said, I don’t know why anybody thinks stadium food is going to be anything special or even should be. Who cares? Eat before or after the game. I don’t know what people expect when they talk about a “game day experience.”. What does that even mean? All I want is for the team to play well. Beyond that, A better slate of home games would be nice. Otherwise the “experience” is being at the game. If I had that big of an issue I would just stay home and watch the game on TV where I could guarantee every single detail would be up to my specs. People have gotten so spoiled.


    • yea, being able to park and use a restroom is so overrated.

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    • MGW

      “Game day experience” is how they sugar coat things they want you to have to pay them for that you used to do for yourself. For example, at Alabama that whole thing where now you can’t bring your own tent to the best tailgate spot and now have to pay a vendor to set one up for you? Improved game day experience. Dunkin donuts and recently thawed out chain restaurant barbecue at the stadium so you can pay them for a late breakfast/ lunch because nobody has time to properly tailgate before a noon game? Better game day experience, baby!

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      • 81Dog

        If the AD can’t wet his beak a little, it’s a problem, nom capisce? You are there as a revenue stream, not a fan. Therefore, everything you do that can be monetized will be monetized.


  16. Jeff Schultz is really boring. Thats not news though.


  17. 69Dawg

    I’m confused we have taken Alabama coaches, Alabama’s Process but we’re pissed because we’re taking Alabama BBQ. Has anybody ever heard of the Tail Waging the Dawg, well I guess thinks this will get us off his butt about winning Championships as long as we Vent about BBQ.


  18. waterloodawg

    Maybe this is all a ruse to smuggle in antler extract from Alabama.