Honestly, this has to be some sort of record.

Texas Tech offensive lineman might seek approval from the NCAA for an eighth year of eligibility.

As you might suspect, he’s been a wee bit injury-prone.

The Tech lineman missed the 2011 season, his true freshman year, due to an injury sustained in summer camp. The same thing around the same time happened again in 2012. And again in 2013. And, unbelievably, again in 2014.  That’s right, Morales missed four straight complete seasons because of injury.

Morales’ myriad health issues have consisted of a torn labrum in his right shoulder (2011); a strained knee ligament (2012); a torn labrum in his left shoulder (2013); and another knee issue in 2014.

To give you some perspective, Morales was signed by Tommy Tuberville, which means his playing career has survived Tuberville’s coaching career.



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11 responses to “Honestly, this has to be some sort of record.

  1. BeardDawg

    Far be it from me to say what someone should or shouldn’t do, but damn son, maybe you just ain’t built for football. Your knees will thank you later.


  2. kfoge

    He needs that 8th year so he can get his doctorate now that his bachelor’s and masters degrees are complete 🙂


  3. WarD Eagle

    I vote aye.


  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Two torn labrums? How Corch Richt not recruit this guy?


  5. AugustaDawg

    AHEM I believe you mean Dr. Morales, Esq.

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  6. I would want to get out of Lubbock as soon as possible …


  7. TnDawg

    A career, kid is gonna be lost outside of Lubbock


  8. CJ Roswell Dawg

    Auburn had a few guys that played 8 years…Stan White and Tre Smith.
    Also, Maryland basketball back in the day…Exree Hipp played 14 years.


  9. Dawg19

    Lucky for him he doesn’t have a YouTube channel.