May want to dial those sack numbers back a bit

Not sure if this is an attempt at shaming, or simply making the best of a disappointing situation, but it sounds like Lorenzo Carter is bidding to be this year’s Mr. Versatility.

Georgia’s secondary is perhaps the most experienced position group on its defense, but it’s not all positive the way coach Kirby Smart sees it.

Smart said Tuesday that he likes the veterans the Bulldogs have at the position, but that he has concern about they have after them on the depth chart.

“It’s concerning that we don’t have the depth needed,” Smart said. “We have a void in our secondary. We have old and we have young. We have nothing in the middle. So it’s really concerning. We’re having to move guys around. Like, we’re having to play Zo (outside linebacker Lorenzo Carter) in different places. We’re having to play AD (defensive back Aaron Davis) at some corner and nickel for some practices. Because who don’t know if that one spot may (lose someone) to an injury and we don’t know where your depth is going to be.

“These freshmen have not shown up in the secondary to make themselves ready to play, like maybe a running back, wide receiver or an o-lineman. That’s the deficiency and where we have to improve it.”

… Carter worked in coverage during Tuesday’s practice against receivers lined up in the slot.

Leonard Floyd played some coverage, so it’s not exactly something we’re unaccustomed to seeing, but I think Carter’s more valuable going in the other direction.  Besides, for the first time in a while, Georgia actually has inside linebackers who aren’t a liability in pass coverage.  Roquan Smith can’t cover a running back coming out in the flat all of a sudden?



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8 responses to “May want to dial those sack numbers back a bit

  1. dawgtired

    “…I think Carter’s more valuable going in the other direction.”

    Agree. Let’s hope the young DBs develop quickly and Kirby’s concerns are just cautions that are never implemented in the game. I’m hoping there will be a need to surgically removed Zo from a few QBs this year.
    You mentioned Smith…I’ve watched some replays from last years games…Smith and Natrez will be monsters in the middle. Zo and Bellamy should be free to run amuck in the opponents back field. I’m so looking forward to watch our LBs this year…it’s a strength.


    • Captain Obvious

      I think Carter is more valuable on special teams. Every OL that #7 lines up against appears to yell “¡Olé! “, and that dude is out of the play, just like that.


  2. Macallanlover

    Anyone who complains about what he has to work with given the talent and experience of this defense is just a whiner. Anyone can find something that isn’t exactly what you want but my goodness. What the hell would he say had Floyd and Bellamy gone to the NFL? Come on man, this is your specialty area….make it happen. Sounds like advance CYA to me.

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  3. Dave

    With over 3 weeks left to go, I very much think Kirby is talking in literal “right now” terms. I haven’t heard anything significant, good or bad, about Gibbs or LeCounte, who were obviously both around in the spring.

    His point, as far as I see it, is exactly what he said; nothing more, and nothing less. There’s basically nobody back there behind the presumed starters that has played a real game. If you don’t have any natural depth, then you’ve got to try to cultivate some from unconventional means.

    My presumption is that this is a precaution should somebody go down with injury before these young guys are truly ready. I don’t think Lorenzo Carter is going to be specifically counted on in the secondary barring some major injuries, but at least he’ll be more ready if that does happen.

    Hopefully, LeCounte, Gibbs, Speed (who I understand is beginning to stand out among the freshmen), and one or two others will be far enough along by September to at least not be a liability, and keep progressing from there as the season moves along.


  4. Macallanlover

    Have heard very positive things about both Gibbs and Lecounte, many expect them to play some. Speed is said to have great natural talent, more a case of how ready he will be to play in the scheme, but he has a high ceiling and may get some live action as well. Lot of talent on this team, more than I can recall.


  5. Jack Burton

    Do not watch the Eason to Wims TD pass on georgiafootball instagram. Roquan looks like Ramik Wilson from a few years back.

    (It’s a perfect pass but still…)