Now, wait a minute.

I thought he only talked like that about Georgia.


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  1. Otto

    He took his shots at Auburn and Tennessee too.

    SEC Gameday would be entertaining if they replaced the Muckraker of the SEC with SOS, Nutt and Les Milles.

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  2. Southernlawyer11

    So BM is now selling a non-renewable season ticket package ? Kind of sneaky how they rolled out the individual, non-paired tickets a couple months ago and all of a sudden they have this package. “It’s for the fans.” These schools and broker sites are so in bed with each other it’s crazy. While I can’t blame the school for wanting to get all the revenue they can for tickets, I am troubled by all the indicators that seem to point to artificial control of supply and demand to the detriment of the casual fan when you consider there is also the “donation to a non-profit” aspect. This is the behavior of a professional sports franchise, IMO, not “amateur” athletics.


    • This horseshit “partnership” with Stub Hub suck too. I have 2 APP State ticket that aren’t going to be used so I put them on SH for less than face. They sold immediately but SH and their “partner” now requires you to enter the barcode for each ticket. Apparently the “partner” will then issue a new barcode on a pdf for the buyer. That’s all great but the SH site won’t take the barcodes. I’ve worked with their support for 2 days and they can’t fix it.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    May there always be a Spurrier, now that he don’t coach against us.


  4. Cousin Eddie

    Captain Sound Bite, he has about as quick and sharp of a tongue as anyone. I would actually like to watch a game with him, I just feel like it would be fun to listen at him fuss about play calling and the refs.


  5. Macallanlover

    His tongue is sharp to anyone who wishes to engage him, he is really funny off the cuff with the average fan when they attempt to take him on various subjects. Not a mean spirited thing, just another competition to him; it is always about getting the best of someone. Pretty straight arrow, not profane, and very family oriented. Glad he gave LSU a shot, he needs to spread the love beyond UGA and TN.


  6. Dawg19

    LSU has two national titles since Spurrier won his only title.


  7. I’m not really sure where all this admiration for Spurrier comes from. I never liked the man. I will never like the man. When he is an old husk and blown away I’ll be happy.

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  8. The guy quit twice because he couldn’t cut it or didn’t want to accept the results – once with the Redskins and, of course, after the woodshed job CMR and Greyson Lambert sent him out with … Big spoiled brat!