Party hearty

Kirby Smart is tired of all the mean girls shit being thrown Jacob Eason’s way.

Asked whether Eason was more interested in having fun than grinding through his playbook was fact or fiction, Smart bristled and offered a staunch defense of the sophomore quarterback: “I think Jacob is a great quarterback. I think he’s somebody who understands our system. He works really hard. Jacob comes in and meets extra every chance he gets. A lot of the things you have heard about Jacob may not be true. I don’t know who your sources are; you haven’t told me your sources…”

In other words, as we like to say in the biz, pictures or it didn’t happen.



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56 responses to “Party hearty

  1. Bright Idea

    Good for Kirby. Who gives a damn if Eason likes to have a good time, or not. He’s in college. Does he have to be a monk to be a good SEC QB? I think not.

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  2. Uglydawg

    Kirby’s putting down an unfounded meme.
    Always some jealous jack ass trying to start rumors.
    This is pro-active of the coach and I’m glad to see it.


  3. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    There is zero chance that Eason likes to party more than Stafford. We’ll see how Eason’s career turns out, but I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be Jacob Eason walking around campus or downtown. How exactly IS he supposed to concentrate on football? As they say, the pu$$y is undefeated.

    he probably needs his roommate ben cleveland just to keep them from tackling him every time he goes out


  4. HiAltDawg

    Let me get this straight: Eason left a state with legal weed, next to Canada with a lower drinking age to play football in the SEC (a QB unfriendly conference) and at UGA (known at the time of his signing for punishing football players pretty regularly for being kids)..because he wants? to? party?


  5. Jim

    I hope he is taking full advantage of what must be a plethora or co eds to choose from


  6. Stoopnagle

    Eason is getting the Stafford treatment.

    I’ll never understand this “he doesn’t care enough” bullshit. If Stafford didn’t care, he wouldn’t be sitting on almost $100 million is signing bonus money. We had the #1 overall pick at QB (QB!) and these same Solons thought Joe Cox should start ahead of him.

    I tell ya. I hope Fromme is better than Joey Cox.


  7. You never ever see guys like Joe Namath and Brett Farve and Kenny Stabler or Johnny Manziel succeed at the QB position in college. Ever.


    • Got Cowdog

      Exactly, Derek.
      I like a little character in a QB. I will henceforth refer to Eason as “Jake the Snake” in honor of the late Ken Stabler, and I hope he throws go seven thousand yards this year.


    • Gaskilldawg

      Showing my age, or such as Bobby Layne, One of the greatest college (University of Texas) and NFL QBs ever and perhaps the greatest drinking QB ever.


    • dawgfan

      Exactly. Bobo was a pretty good QB too and I remember an incident involving him and some trash cans late one night in Athens. As long as nobody has to go to jail or gets hurt, who cares?


    • Or McMahon at BYU and Chicago. One hell of a party animal. And yes BYU does have pretty co-eds. I know that is impossible for some to grasp.


  8. hovered over link – saw DawgNation – affirmation x10000 why I dont go to AJC.


  9. Do we know who asked the question? It’s rare for a beat writer to ask a gossipy question like that without having heard about stuff from people they trust. That’s why I was concerned by the question. Clowns like Clay Travis aren’t at these pressers to ask stupid questions for attention, so to spend time asking it says a lot IMO.


  10. I’d be worried about the guy if he didn’t have a good time in Athens! No better place to spend those years of your life.


  11. UGA85

    The picture I was shown was of Eason after the UT loss, and he was out of it. The same friend with the pic said Eason was a frequent flier on the Athens party scene during the season. That’s all I know. The speculation, for me, is that Fromm’s presence and serious demeanor will push Eason to the next level. Competition is always good, and my understanding is that Fromm is bright, attentive, and business-like in his approach.


    • The picture I was shown was of Eason after the UT loss, and he was out of it. The same friend with the pic said Eason was a frequent flier on the Athens party scene during the season.

      And my response to that…so what? An 18-23 year old male doing things that 18-23 year old males do in college is a big deal because…? What’s there to speculate about?

      Based on my collegiate experience, there are plenty of people that were very successful in the classroom and in their subsequent careers that were regulars on the downtown party scene. I swear – people expect these guys to be like fucking robots with no other programming than “get better at football” and not the 18-23 year-old male away from home for the first time that wants to do things normal 18-23 year old males do.

      This whole discussion is dumb now, was dumb when Stafford was in school, and will be dumb whenever the next big time QB signs with UGA. Let’s also not forget that Mike Bobo also was fond of shutting down bars so it’s not like this is limited to out of state guys.


      • Otto

        Agreed and was a reason I made a tongue in cheek remark about Garcia.

        Plenty of people are successful and know how to party. I’d love to know what Namath, and Stabler did while at Alabama.

        If you aren’t getting in trouble, learning the plays, and keep your grades up to be eligible, I really don’t care.


      • HiAltDawg

        Did Eason play Safety on the Hail Mary? Kid did his job, well, that game. I think a lot of Dawgs were looking “out of it” that night in Athens. Especially, many of the Dawgs on this thread that give lots of $ and bleed Red&Black


  12. Jared S.

    Fake news!!!!!!

    But seriously. He can party like Stafford all he wants if he produces like Stafford.


  13. Macallanlover

    What a silly question by the reporter, KS was right to have his back and fire back. I will worry when the night before carries over and impacts the performance on the field. Every one should have scoffed down too many drinks the night of the TN game. I have some concerns about Eason’s improvement from what we saw last season, but I don’t doubt he is a great kid and doing what most young people do while in college.


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