“Nick’s got a lot of advantages.”

This whole thing is a pretty worthless exercise, given the small sample size and anonymity of the responders, but let me just say that if I were an athletic director who discovered my head coach opined that Nick Saban is overrated, I’d fire his ass on the spot.



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10 responses to ““Nick’s got a lot of advantages.”

  1. Bigshot

    In reality Saban should never lose a game. He gets the best player every year.


  2. Sounds like some wealth envy going on there, guy’s.


  3. Macallanlover

    I don’t know that Saban is over rated but feel he is one of dozens who are over paid. Lot if envy targeted at the over rated guys (except Harbaugh who is disliked and probably over rated.)

    The impressive list is the under rated guys, that Top 3 is hard to argue. The age may not fit, but I would take any of them in a heart beat. I don’t have anything against the Navy coach, just wouldn’t want a TO guy on our sideline.


    • Russ

      Kiffin is obviously overrated as a head coach. He never won anything.


      • Macallanlover

        I don’t ever hear Kiffin mentioned as a top coach so I don’t know how he is over rated at all. Might be on the list because of the number of guys who continually give him HC jobs at all, in that case he may be. I do understand Boom being listed, hope our own former Dawg/Saban disciple doesn’t earn a spot on that list after this season.



    Does Alabama ever have one os Saban’s recruits denied enrollment by the school? I ask because I know of a school that this happens at…


  5. dawgman3000

    Its funny how people want to say Saban is overrated because of so called “advantages”. I guess those “advantages ” didn’t exist at Bama or LSU before he arrived at those places. Harbaugh is a heck of a coach as well. He resurrected Stanford from irrelevance, took a team to the super bowl, and currently has Michigan playing good football. Those saying that they’re overrated are classic examples of what you would call a hater.


  6. Captain Obvious

    most overrated:


  7. 1smartdude

    I’d take that kind of overratedness HERE and smile while the haters hate. It’s what I dream about at night.


  8. Todd

    How can you say Saban is overpaid? How much revenue has the university generated by the success of the football program? He will have you in the hunt every year.
    People won’t like this, but I don’t think Franklin is overrated. He won at Vandy and think about where the program at Penn State was at when got there. He had Justin Fields committed before he blew up at the camps this past summer.