Go deep

This is a strange criticism.

Smart was then asked why the secondary’s play has frustrated him through the preseason.

Smart had a simple response to the question.

“Well, it’s when the other team throws the ball real far down the field and then the other team catches it, and we don’t make the play,” Smart said. “It concerns me. That’s it. I wouldn’t say it’s often. But if it happens once I don’t like it. Right? You don’t like big plays. It’s good for the offense to make some of those…”

The reason I find it strange was because preventing the big pass play was one of Georgia’s strengths last season.  The Dawgs were second in the conference in opponents’ pass plays of more than 20 yards and third in more than 30 yards.  There’s only one defensive back from last season who’s gone, Maurice Smith, and while he had a great 2016 season, it’s hard to think he was the sole reason for success.  (Besides, it’s reasonable to think the front seven, with another year under their belts, are likely to be even better contributors this season.)

So, are we supposed to accept this as a sign that the receiving corps is a greater threat this year?  Is this Smart’s way of motivating his returning defensive backs?  Or is somebody just grumpy on general principle?

Then again, maybe they’ve done such a good job of fixing the red zone problems that Kirby’s moved on.



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21 responses to “Go deep

  1. Spike

    Two words for yer motivation. Tenneesse game..


  2. Coming off 8-5 I’m not sure I’d be complacent with any aspect of the team.


  3. Dawgy1

    Two things, Smart is trying to motivate the secondary, and he knows that Mo Smith was the heartbeat of that group last year. When you have someone with his talent, it helps the whole defense.


  4. Macallanlover

    From what I have heard and read, the receivers are indeed improved. But with only the loss of Maurice Smith, there is just no excuse for Tucker to have this defense humming. We have a defensive minded HC, and a handpicked Bama DC, working with talented, experienced players returning……I don’t want to hear it, Get it done guys, they could film an Old Milwaukee Commercial here because it don’t get much better than this.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree Mac. What we lack in 5 star talent, we somewhat make up for with ample experience in the D backfield – and a lot of highly ranked, albeit young, depth. I like this D roster. It’ll be an epic screw-up if this D finishes outside the top 10.


  5. hooper

    May be that Bama Light isn’t as good as full flavored Bama. Roll Dawgs!!!!!!


  6. Stoopnagle

    I think he was just answering the question posed about the secondary and he gave a non-answer answer laced with smart-ass-y-ness. I don’t pay attention to it, honestly.


  7. Greg

    DB’s can’t cover them forever…if you are not getting any pressure on the QB, it does not matter for the most part (especially deep). We need more plays where we are putting the QB on his ass…or at least getting more pressure imo.


    • Dawg in Lutz

      Couldn’t agree more. if the QB knows he’s going to get hit quickly, his throws are quick and inaccurate. the DB’s don’t have to cover as long so they won’t get in trouble as much.


      • Greg

        If you get nailed a few times, you have a tendency to remember….your focus magically goes away (for most).


        • Macallanlover

          So, to your point, “whatcha waiting for” Tucker? We have fast LBs, two speedy returning Seniors on the outside, and strong experienced studs on the inside…large enough to tie up the OL guys, and break through occasionally. This front group is more than capable of applying pressure if they aren’t handcuffed. If there are doubts about the coverage guys, lend them a hand. No need to have an “attack the day” slogan while you sit back and play conservative.


    • 92 grad

      Exactly my thinking when reading this post. Qb hurries, pressure sacks, and busted plays have a lot to do with a big play, or the lack thereof. Our front seven absolutely should be dominating offensive lines and eliminating long plays, making the db’s better.


  8. Hal Welch


    Hey Senator, just a light-hearted poke regarding some of our other past conversations… enjoy…



  9. ApalachDawg

    No smith saved 2 long balls in the NC game


  10. 69Dawg

    The problem with rushing 3 or 4 is that the offensive lines in the SEC know that short of tackling the defender right in front of an official, holding will not be called (unless you are playing while UGA). Holding on the line of scrimmage is done on every play and the reason is that most coaches know the Ref’s are not going to call 99% of them. The Officials will call holding on a sweep against a WR or TE 10 times more than on the Oline. You must blitz and take the Oline by surprise otherwise you will just be held up long enough to let the QB get the pass off. Pruitt knew this and for the most part protected his DB’s by bring heat. Kirby, not so much. Alabama and Kirby ran a ton of man to man with some zoning of the safeties over the top and pattern matching is what they expect the CB’s to do. We do not have any shutdown corners that I know about and Kirby as much as said that the other day by saying he didn’t know exactly what that meant. Until we get one we are going to have to blitz or we will get burned by passing teams. I can’t take another year watching our defense let games slip away in the last minutes because we let the QB have his way with us.

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