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Time to crank up the ole rumor mill.

Georgia’s first scrimmage is today.  It’s closed to the public, so you know what that means:  a good friend of somebody’s cousin talked to someone who knew someone else who got to see it, and that person’s been familiar with the program since Dooley and he just had to post that guy’s impressions on a message board because things are really different now…



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“But I understand the integrity of the rule [is being violated].”

Really, the hand wringing over the graduate transfer rule is comical.

What’s clear is that few players transfer to find a school with a strong graduate program in their desired area of study. Yes, that was, in fact, the impetus behind the initial legislation to open the door for graduates to transfer without penalty.

Nevertheless, interviews this summer with more than a dozen Power 5 coaches revealed none who were upset about the misappropriation of the original grad-transfer rules.

Of course not.  I’d like to think it’s because they know it’s hypocritical to restrict player movement while coaches can jump ship at a school without limit, but I know that’s a fantasy.

It’s because they all know they might be the one to benefit from it next.

More than 60 graduates switched schools at the FBS level in 2017.

Among the high-profile newcomers to August practice sessions are quarterbacks Max Browne (USC to Pitt), Brandon Harris (LSU to North Carolina), Malik Zaire (Notre Dame to Florida) and Shane Morris (Michigan to Central Michigan); receivers Freddy Canteen (Michigan to Notre Dame), Jeff Badet (Kentucky to Oklahoma) and Jalen Brown (Oregon to Northwestern); offensive tackle Aaron Cochran (Cal to Oklahoma State); defensive lineman Scott Pagano (Clemson to Oregon); and cornerback Shaq Wiggins (Louisville to Tennessee).


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