If the weather were a quarterback…

heat would have had a monster QBR at Georgia’s scrimmage yesterday.


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8 responses to “If the weather were a quarterback…

  1. Greg

    Wonder how many times they have been in the new IPF so far…..


  2. Athens Dog

    All the QB’s ran out of the shotgun about 85% of the time. Guess they’ve given up on trying to make Eason a pro style QB. D’Andre Swift got lots of carries with first team. He looks real.


    • Macallanlover

      He is real, in fact, 1-5 are real…we are hung at RB. Anyone ranking our position group of RBs second to anyone would be off a minimum of one. Our OL doesn’t have to be great for out offense to be effective, just get a hat on someone to temporarily occupy them and a QB that can keep 11 out of the box. Swift will one of the guys available to catch some balls as well.

      I think IPF has now been used twice so far, but one or two days inside isn’t the reason for the heat problem Saturday, it has been the cooler, cloudy/rainy days this month and then the highest heat index day for the scrimmage.


  3. Spike

    So does Holyfield.


  4. Hillbilly Dawg

    I don’t think the IPF has a negative impact on conditioning. Too many successful football
    schools in the south have and use them.