For once, you done good.

As much grief as I give Greg McGarity, it’s only fair to dish out praise when he’s deserving.  Here’s a case for that:

Fans seem to be happy that they are getting a break from noon kickoffs. The Appalachian State game is on Sept. 2 at 6:15 p.m. and the Samford game on Sept. 16 is at 7:30 p.m.

“The number of noon games we have had previously and the reaction we’ve had from our fans and others was that was not a desirable time,” McGarity said. “Frankly, among all conference teams, especially in the central time zone, that’s not a great time, but we all know that’s part of the TV package. We did ask for any consideration. It’s never guaranteed, but we did ask for some consideration for non-noon kickoffs whenever possible.”

He listened and he asked.  You can’t ask for more than that.  From such small gestures of courtesy, fan appreciation is born.

Feel free to make it a habit, sir.


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22 responses to “For once, you done good.

  1. Greg

    GREAT!!… time to get liquored-up.


  2. Bulldog Nation, don’t make the administration regret this by trashing the campus. Students, no excuse not to be at the games on time and ready to provide a home field advantage.


  3. Stoopnagle

    I wish someone would ask him if he’s willing to try to get the Auburn game back on the right rotation. I’m still at a loss for why we were the only team that had to go to a rival in back to back years so that we could have Mizzou.


    • Irwin R. Fletcher

      I was thinking about this the other day…the only way I can see to fix it is by taking a year off from the Auburn game…so let’s say for argument’s sake that you wanted to fix it for 2019…in 2018 you play a SECW team at home instead of Auburn. Then in 2019 you drop TAMU, move Auburn to a home game. You start looking at that…and how much work it would take a the conference level to reconfigure ALL of those schedules…the only way it happens is if they address it prior to the next round of rotation scheduling, which starts in 2026 OR conference expansion.

      In other words…good luck.


  4. ZeroPointZero

    I thought they set early game times for the south Ga fans who didn’t like the late drives home. Was that all rumor? I’ve harbored ill feelings for my brothers to the south all these years for no reason? Ive been cussing Albany, Cairo and Moultrie (don’t even get me started on those sons of bitches from Bainbridge) for every noon kickoff for he past 25 years and they hated it too?


  5. Ace

    A late game against App State and Samford can make for a better day than noon games even against SEC teams like Kentucky and Vandy. Hell, so long as UGA is undefeated, the atmosphere of those night games will practically feel like a pivotal SEC evening matchup.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Better late than never, I say.


  7. Macallanlover

    Agree, Senator, credit where credit is due. I don’t ever recall a UGA administration official asking for consideration, or relief, from noon games. In fact, Adams and Dooley asked for them. Everyone else in the conference has but this is a first for UGA, and it actually references the fans’ desires. What is going on at BM? We all know they cannot control it but there had to be a reason for the incredible imbalance of noon starts for UGA. Everyone dumped them on UGA because all the others were resisting them. Maybe things might break our way for a change.


    • Bulldog Joe

      It’s no secret the SEC office, the other schools, and the NCAA knew Georgia cared more about the money than the competition and they took advantage of it.

      They still do.


  8. Bigshot

    Are you sure he asked or just saw this as an opportunity to get some compliments coming his way? Ha


    • Macallanlover

      But that is still a positive change, it indicates someone is reading the opinions of fans. That is news, and a statement that fans can actually influence things….nothing fake about that being news. I am sure it was bounced off the puppet masters and Kirby first, but still….


  9. Irwin R. Fletcher

    As much grief as I give Greg McGarity, it’s only fair to dish out praise when he’s deserving

    My understanding is that we are only to dish out praise when prompted to either (1) by fake crowd noise and messages on the jumbotron; OR (2) by McGarity’s Minutes.