Today, in missing something

How can you rank SEC stadiums in order of loudness without a single mention of piped-in music?

As an aside, though, bonus points for this throw in:

Off-beat fact: Neyland Stadium actually ranks for the least number of square inches per seat in college football.

No shit.


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18 responses to “Today, in missing something

  1. Bright Idea

    Of the ones we visit regularly Kentucky hands down is the loudest, all piped in and nonstop.


  2. Athens Dog

    I stopped going to ObKnoxville 15 years ago. Easily the worst fan experience in the SEC


  3. Godawg

    Seat size in KnoxVegas is ridiculous and I’m not that big a guy. I think their idea of a stadium expansion was to simply re-paint the numbers on the bleachers closer together. One lard-ass hillbilly on your row screws the whole pooch. And two….


    • Down Island Way

      Senator, with reference to your “No shit” comment, big orange season ticket holders are required to “take a shit” prior to entering the checker board barn.


  4. tbia

    I remember the year they expanded Neyland with a paint brush. Didn’t bother to paint over the old seat numbers. Brilliant


  5. Irwin R. Fletcher

    I just read that hedges absorb the sound of a 92K crowd. I had no idea. They should just use those along highways and next to airports instead of those ugly 20′ sound walls.

    Quite possibly the dumbest slideshow I’ve seen so far…and that’s saying something.



    Another UT point of pride.


  7. DavetheDawg

    Neyland Stadium: The Spirit Airlines of college football venues.


  8. Macallanlover

    Seating capacity for Kneeland has become so important for the Vols that it has overruled common sense. Is a lousy place to watch a CFB game. Perhaps we need to all report seating capacity on a set standard seat space, would send the Vols into a panic to fall below the 100K mark….and they would. Talk about your fake juice, yet the Vol fans just ignore being uncomfortable to accomplish what? It isn’t like they are even number one in this category..


  9. Uglydawg

    Neyland Stadium is ugly. The orange, 1950’s motif checkerboard is so ugly that air traffic controllers direct passenger flights well around it (there’s no reason to traumatize people).
    Also, has anyone else seen The Great Pumpkin’s TV ad? For some supplement concerning statin drugs I think. One more reason to turn off the tube.


  10. Ace

    Neyland also has the least amount of real grass blades per square inch of field as well, and that may include vs. artificial turf fields.


  11. Knoxville is the only place I have seen someone fall, and because it is so steep, they did not stop rolling for quite a bit of time. They were sober.


  12. soccerdawg

    My visit to Knoxville when Chubb hurt his knee proved to me Kneeland had the loudest piped in music. They blast their band 10 times louder than our wimpy speakers do.