After a hard day on the recruiting trail, a coach just wants to relax.

Of course, if said coach is a horndog, he doesn’t want to relax alone.

On the morning of Jan. 19, 2016, University of Mississippi football coach Hugh Freeze tweeted a quote: “Look not back on yesterday—so full of failure & regret; Look ahead & seek God’s way—all sin confessed u must forget.”

Later that day, the coach flew to Tampa, Fla., as part of a recruiting trip using the school plane, according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. A few hours after the plane touched down at 5:30 p.m. in Tampa, his school phone registered a call to a number linked to a female escort service in that city, according to phone records reviewed by the Journal.

Given what we know about SEC recruiting, that means there was a lot of relaxing.

Although school officials had previously declined to characterize the alleged misconduct, Ole Miss athletic director Ross Bjork said in response to questions from the Journal about Freeze’s travel that the university’s investigation uncovered “calls of a similar nature” over the course of several years, often matching up with travel logs showing the coach’s use of the school plane. The school said it examined his travel logs from peak recruiting times—often November, December and January—when Freeze would travel out of state, using the school plane and other public resources.

“When we say pattern, we are describing other phone numbers that when you Google them pull up similar type websites, services, however you would describe them,” Bjork said. “We took action swiftly.”

When the school presented its findings to Freeze, the coach admitted his misconduct and agreed to resign, school officials said.

Public transportation.  Public communication.  I don’t know whose carelessness amazes me more, Freeze’s or Bjork’s.  Considering only one of the two is out of a job, I guess that answers my question.


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25 responses to “After a hard day on the recruiting trail, a coach just wants to relax.

  1. Red Cup

    I am sure after all those recruiting trips he confessed his sins, asked forgiveness, and all was forgotten. Don’t know why Bjork didn’t accept that.


  2. James Stephenson

    I knew there had to be more there.


  3. WarD Eagle

    I’m not suggesting any knowledge either way, but he pulled some terrific recruiting classes on those trips.


  4. 3rdandGrantham

    Not surprised at the sloppiness of his actions. When you’re that narcissistic while holding immense power, you feel bulletproof and believe nothing can harm you or bring you down. I’ve witnessed such behavior up close and personal with various business colleagues over the years, people who, with increased titles, money or responsibility, move further away from reality and more towards viewing others as their pawns to manipulate as they see fit.

    Of course, I dont recall any of them wearing their religion on their sleeves while quoting bible verses on their twitter accounts, which makes Hugh’s actions even more pathetically shameless. Oh yea, he still has yet to apologize to anyone publicly, with a dead silent twitter account since his downfall.


  5. Got Cowdog

    What was that TV preacher’s name? Swaggart? Baker? Yes, it’s coming back to me now……….
    Jessica Hahn. Tammy Fay. The song ” Keep it in your pants, Jimmy!”


  6. Will Trane

    How long has this been going on?
    Institutional review and oversight from the Athletic Department absent for the same time.
    No issue at UGA. No one has worked that hard yet to relax. Issue down the road? Doubtful.
    The only thing going on in UGA athletic programs is “nothing”.
    Just like to know what will be the chances #81 on Gators play the Dawgs regardless of any misdeeds. 100%.
    Bet Smart is glad his secondary does not have to face an Ole Miss passing game this year. Another like last year and Smart would need a lot of relaxation.


  7. AusDawg85

    Look…phone records don’t prove anything. Now the smell of cheap perfume, used panties, missing underwear and bite marks is a little tougher to explain, but they say recruiting is tough in the SEC.


  8. Otis Day

    Dumbass should of got himself a throw away phone


  9. paul

    One would think that when your coach publicly dares anyone with any information about wrongdoing to forward said information to authorities it might suggest to the AD that he should perhaps give the expense accounts a cursory review. And what the heck, I work at a public institution of higher education and our financial records are audited every year. Apparently, there wasn’t even any garden variety oversight. Once they decided to take a look it wasn’t all of five minutes before incriminating evidence was uncovered. Doesn’t that speak to a lack of institutional control?


    • Russ

      Absolutely lack of institutional control. This is the outfit that did an in depth internal review and determined that everything was down to one rogue assistant, who they fired. Now, suddenly all this is coming to light and it was barely hidden.

      They better be shoveling some of that cash Barney’s way, or there’s going to be a real shit-storm coming.


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    The Old Sorority Girl excuse: it happened out of town so it doesn’t count.


  11. 69Dawg

    Wow how stupid. These guys think they are bullet proof.


  12. silverbritches

    I believe it was the great charles barkley who said in regard to tiger woods’ wife finding incriminating information on his phone, “Any professional athlete knows you have your phone and your hoe-phone.”


  13. Russ

    It sure seems like the more flamboyantly pious, the more likely they are hiding something. Freeze is a sleazy as they come.


  14. Macallanlover

    ” At the end of a hard day, a coach just wants to get a load off.” FIFY


  15. Why didn’t God just tell him to stop?